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In a rather surprising move, Marketing Pond, a popular downline builder for free money programs, has added its first paid program.

The program is Freebie Force. The site itself provide access to information on savings you can get for free. None of this information is secret, but the site collects it all in one convenient location for you to search.

For example, one of the current savings is information on how to get a free cooler at CVS stores. There’s also free software, electronics, hotel stays, etc.

Of course, the main focus of the site is rewarding you for referring others to it. They charge $9.95 a month for access to the freebies database. For everyone you refer, you get paid $1 a month, down 7 levels.

Freebie Force has the same disadvantage as most multi-level pay schemes, that you need your referrals to stay active and keep paying each month for you to earn. At least the site does provide information that can save a member more than the $9.95 fee every month, so it’s better than programs where you get nothing for your fee other than the right to refer others.

Up until now, Marketing Pond has been full of free programs (and has removed programs from the list when they stopped being free. So this is a bit of a departure, adding a paid program. It’ll be interesting to see how the membership reacts.

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  1. Jay,

    Good article. The thing that drew me to the company was the amount of savings all in one place. It saves you hours of research to find the deals that are out there.

    I saved over $80 my first day. Obviously, to make money you need to build a downline, but with the entry point so low and benefits so high, it is almost too easy.

    People have joined me without even speaking with me. It is a business that just makes sense.

  2. Hi Tanner, good to hear from a satisfied Freebie Force member. Bargain hunting is such a big thing with a lot of people these days, I think it should be a popular program.

  3. I signed up for Freebie Force because I thought it was worth a shot, but I was disappointed in the freebies that were available. Many of them were freebies that I have seen on other free freebies sites, others like those that involved going to a car dealership and taking a test drive don’t really count as free in my book and then there were the ones that suggested you commit various forms of fraud to get the free deal. Definitely these supposedly exclusive deals are not worth the $10 monthly fee, and as an honest person there’s no way I would feel comfortable recruiting other people to this program.

  4. Thanks for your views, Alissa! I haven’t had time to use any of the freebies yet, so haven’t really examined them. I don’t really discount the “test drive” sort of freebie, since they’re often promotional gimmicks, but ones that required fraud would be out of bounds.

  5. I have not viewed any ‘fraud’ listings. If something were deemed as fraud, no doubt they would remove it immediately. It is a large list of freebies and each day they add 3 to 10 new freebies. I can honestly say that I have been a member 6 months, been paid 13 times, and each monthly residual increases from the month before. I can also honestly say, I have not printed out any coupons, I have not taken any test drives, I have not paid any shipping, everything I have received has been 100% free and I have received OVER $2,000 worth of products..most of which has been sent right to my home mailbox. In regards to MLM, there is not Amway, not any nutri program, not any services program, not any MLM in the world that is not going to have drop outs. It happens and it can happen frequently. MLM like most everything else is a WEEDOUT PROCESS. If you are in a solid program set for longevity such as FreebieForce, which has a forced matrix, the weed out process is just fine and dandy. Because as lookiloos and program jumpers leave, members that do plan on sticking around, move up in the matrix. Eventually what you have is a solid high group, a solid team of people that place forth effort. I can say there have been many that just wanted to join and then get the refund and drop out before the 3 days is up. There has also been those that simply do not try or for whatever reason drop out. Even tho the dropouts happen, my residual income still grows every month more than the month before. FF is not a get rich quick scheme. And I can say that I dont have time and would not be scouring the net for freebies….never have, never will…but since I can log into one place and view the new freebies every day plus make growing residuals, for $9.95 a month, in my opinion…very tough biz op to beat….and with their new additions soon to be implemented, gonna make it a whole lot tougher to beat.

  6. Now I am going to tell you briefly just some of the items I have received in my home mailbox due to being a freebie force member : approximately 8 packages of gourmet coffee, three packages of organic tea, two ball caps one of which is a name brand Carhardt that probably retails for well over $20, several t-shirts, several posters, enough hair shampoo and conditioner that I won’t need to buy any for an entire year, womens cosmetics, expensive facial moisturizer, body lotions, exotic soaps, regular soap such as dove soap that I use anyway, dishwasher detergent, washing detergent for clothing, sponges, candy, peanuts, snack cakes, cookies, cereal, cat food, dog food, puter software, music cd, exercise cd, exercise pedometer, various vitamins, food seasonings of various sorts, womens perfume, womens cologne, mens cologne, household cleaners, carpet cleaners, pet stain cleaner, earrings, address labels, frig magnets, womens undies, cat food dish, …and lots lots lots more. In addition, I have received some online downloadable software, the full license version….two in particular I use often also. I will repeat, I have never taken a test drive. I am not a coupon clipper and have never printed a coupon out from freebie force altho there is coupons at times. I have never taken a survey at freebie force altho some times there may be a survey to take for an item. Six months, several thousand dollars in residual income, over two thousand dollars in freebies. For $9.95 a month. Been working online for ten years and I can tell you at least for me, it is one of the best international biz ops that makes sense that I have ever seen.

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