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This seems to be the summer for me to look at ways to take payments on your web site.

FatFreeCart is an absolutely free shopping cart you can use on your web site. You don’t even need to register with anyone to use it. The shopping cart supports both PayPal and Google Checkout, and will support item variations (e.g. sizes, colors, etc). This is basically a way to take payments only…no delivery of downloadable products is supported. So you process all the orders that come in.

But then it’s free, so you won’t get everything.

If you want something a bit more comprehensive, including digital delivery of products, you’d want the pro version of FatFreeCart, at

Unlike some of the other services I’ve reviewed lately, E-junkie supports both digital delivery and shipped goods. Digital products are stored securely, and for shipped goods they take care of calculating shipping costs and keeping track of how many items you have left in inventory.

E-junkie is a paid service, however they don’t charge you per transaction, but rather a flat fee per month based on how many products you’re selling. The least expensive option is $5 a month for 10 products. Presumably, if you have products that actually sell, you can easily earn back $5 a month in profit. You do get a 1 week free trial to make sure everything works for you. If you have existing traffic to your site, you might make enough sales that first week to pay for a few months’ subscription.

There’s also a way to get E-junkie for free if you take payments through TrialPay. TrialPay is an interesting way to give your products away for free and get cash for it. Basically, customers must complete an offer that will then pay you at least as much as you would sell the product for regularly. The customer then gets your product for nothing, and you get whatever the advertiser gives as a reward for the offer.

So how does E-junkie compare to Oronjo for selling digital content? If using affiliates is part of your business model, E-junkie has that built into the system. As far as I’ve been able to tell, Oronjo does not. Both securely store and delivery your digital products.

If you want to sell both digital and shipped products, or use affiliates to sell your products, E-junkie seems to be the best bet.

Update! The kind people at E-junkie have provided a coupon code for my readers that gives them a full month’s free trial. Use the coupon code E-JUNKIEOPP when you sign up, and you’ll get the extra trial time. That gives you even more time to play with the system and start generating sales.

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