Five Cent Money Maker Review

Regular readers will remember that I downloaded a huge amount of ebooks as part of a special offer from a Home Income Team membership.

I’d been trying to figure out some way to get that information into the hands of my readers. The main problem is that most of these sorts of ebooks do not come with give-away rights. You can resell them, but not give them away for nothing. You can, generally, use them as part of a promotion for a paid site membership, or as incentive to get people into your list.

I’d about decided that what made the most sense was to turn part of the Network into a paid membership site, charging a $1 one-time fee for access to all the ebooks I’ve downloaded.

Imagine my surprise when I ran across a site called Five Cent Money Maker that took the same idea and underbid me by 95 cents. For 5 cents, you can download a collection of ebooks. These ebooks are especially useful as practical introductions to Adsense, Adwords, and related topics.

The complete list of material is:

  • Adsense Basics
  • Adwords 101
  • Affiliate Marketing 101
  • Super Affiliate Wizard
  • $1500 on Ebay
  • Habits of Successful Internet Entrepreneurs
  • List Building Overdrive
  • Millionaire Marketing Mindset
  • SEO Mistakes
  • The Five Successful Steps of Internet Marketing
  • Internet Marketing Video Tutorial Madness

That last item needs a bit of explanation. It’s a single EXE file that provides access to over 250 videos on 17 topics related to Internet Marketing. For example, there are 14 videos on creating a mini-website, and 58 videos on web design tips, along with 10 videos on maximizing your Adsense income, plus plenty more.

And you get all this for 5 cents.

The gimmick is that the first person to buy gets it for 5 cents. The second person gets it for 10 cents, and so on, with the price increasing by 5 cents for each purchase. And with your purchase, you become an affiliate of the site and can sell the same materials starting at 5 cents again.

The $1 token membership fee I’d been considering seemed quite a bargain, 5 cents is ridiculously low. Even when the price gets up to $1, it’s still a lot of good material for the money.

I may still turn part of the Network into a membership site some day to provide access to the increasingly huge collection of ebooks I have, but for now you can get a modest selection of it at Five Cent Money Maker.

I’m pleased to find sites like this that don’t follow the accepted model of Internet Marketing. While they may flop, it’s by trying something new that we find out what will work best in days to come. Oh, and if you’re the sort that enjoys getting into these sorts of things before the crowd, I was affiliate #18.

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  1. Hello I am the owner and creator of Fivecentmoneymaker

    I appreciate your kind remarks about my site.
    What you did not mention is that the buyer also gets to put their own affiliate ads on thier new page. and can reset the price back to five cents and start a new sales campaign any time they like.

    I hope the flop part does not happen.

    As a side note I can most likely adapt the price increase script to any of your product sites if you like just contact me.

  2. Hi Brian, thanks for the comments! The approach is definitely interesting, and seems like it has promise. If it takes off, hopefully people will contact you to license the script for their products.

  3. Hopefully we’ll hear back from Brian about what he had in mind. From my point of view, the site offers a great value at a low price, and creates a sense of urgency. Admittedly, the urgency isn’t all that high, since the difference between 5 cents and 50 cents isn’t much. It’s like the old saying, “sell cheap and make it up in volume”.

    The site might do better with a higher price point, though, since what is being charged seems to create a sense of how valuable the information is for most people.

  4. I was thinking the same thing. Maybe the price should start at 50 cents

    As far as the model I kind of want to keep that to myself for now. For the buyer/customer well its a great deal for the info you get. and every person you bring to the page sees your affiliate or Google ad. Plus hopefully they come back each day to read the new article and click your ad.

    For now There is a idea behind it. One thing I would like to offer and will be sending a mass email about is this. I would like to let every body that owns a page submit articles that are interesting not just sales pitches.
    of course they can include a link to whatever they are talking about. Then send a email once a week with one of the articles. What do you guys think of that . Would it ad value?

  5. Having another place to distribute articles would be nice. I’m not sure how many repeat visitors you’ll get…your analytics will tell you that over time.

  6. Im not asking for a commitment. Just offering all users a chance to have there article/and links seen if they want to. The news letter will only be monthly anyway unless enough page owners send articles to justify more .

    The idea behind the articles is simple, If page owners help keep the content fresh the search engines like the site better and we all get more page views.

    However I have articles lined up for 365 days worth of new articles anyway But new ones submitted by owners would be on our pages only. It also gives all of us a chance to share our other earning ideas like a community .
    One more idea I am looking at is this. The main page defaults to my own sales page right now. But I am thinking of pulling a user id from the data base at random so traffic that comes to the mains url with no user id gets handed out to users at random. I have to look into this carefully I do not want paypal to think it is a randomizer site as that is not the intension at all.

  7. [quote post=”259″]The idea behind the articles is simple, If page owners help keep the content fresh the search engines like the site better and we all get more page views.[/quote]

    This implies there’s some sort of rotator involved, so that the page owners’ links are used for search engine visitors. If this isn’t the case, I’d highly recommend it, since otherwise search engine traffic doesn’t do page owners any good.

  8. This is actually a great idea because the money would continue to rise and cause you to end up with a nice chunk of change. If I had the brains, I would do something like this. I don’t even know how to do an Ebook, I am still looking for a tutorial on this. If you know where one is, send me an email.

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