FFA Pages Work, but for Whom?

If you’re new to Internet Marketing, you may not have heard the term “FFA page” before. It stands for Free For All page, and is a way to advertise a link of your absolutely free.

The basic idea is that you go to an FFA page and you’ll see some number of advertising links (often up to one hundred). In order to add your link to the page, you need to click on one of the existing links and/or enter your email address (different FFA pages use different approaches).

Here’s an example of an FFA page. It’s perfectly safe to leave a link here if you want to see how it all works. You’ll get a single confirmation email in return, and that’s it.

The lure of FFA pages is easy to understand. They’re free advertising, and since in many of them you have to click on a link to leave a link, this means that anyone who leaves a link after you might be clicking on your link.

But they don’t work, at least not for you.

What’s more, they’re not designed to work, at least not for you. The problems with an FFA page boil down to two factors.

First, your link is one of hundreds, so the chance of a person clicking on your link is slim. If they do, there’s no requirement they leave your page up for any length of time, so they won’t even read it. But at least it’s free, which is more than you can say for pop-under traffic.

Second, the people who visit FFA pages are other people like you, who have websites to advertise and online business opportunities to sell. They don’t want to buy your opportunity, they want you to buy theirs!

So, how do you get FFA pages to work for you?

Run one. Every person who posts a link, and there are quite a few of them, receives an email with your message in it. If you tried the example FFA page above, you received an email that included a message from me. While that message just points to this article, it could have just as easily pointed somewhere else.

Where to Get an FFA Page

The best way to get started running your own FFA page is with a free service, Link Scout. By joining Link Scout you get an FFA page of your own that goes into the Link Scout rotation, so you’ll start getting hits to it without any effort on your part.

They also have a number of other tools for advertising web sites, such as a search engine that displays your featured links (this also goes into their rotation).  You can also bid Link Scout points for keyword positioning in their global search results.

There’s far more available at Link Scout than I’m going to go into here, since my focus in on FFA pages.  It’s free to join, so take a look around it and explore the features.

Here are my stats for Link Scout since I signed up on May 18th.

The main bit I want to point out is that I’ve received a fair amount of traffic to my various Link Scout provided sites, all without any advertising on my part at all.  It’s all due to being in the Link Scout rotation.

Also, notice that hits to the FFA pages are low.  Link Scout’s FFA pages don’t seem to get as much traffic as others.  Link Scout is worth a look because it’s free and you do get traffic, but if your focus is running a high traffic FFA page you’d be better off with Traffic Wave. 

Traffic Wave is not free, but they do have a 30-day free trial.  And the way their commission system works, I can afford to upgrade your account to paid status for the first 30 days so you can take a look at all the features provided.

My statistics for Traffic Wave FFA pages are a bit better than Link Scout.  I’ve averaged about 150 people per day leaving links on those pages, again without any advertising on my part. 


I would never recommend advertising on an FFA page, because they’re not designed to be an effective means of advertising.  What they are designed to do is generate leads for the person running the FFA page. 

In my example FFA page above, all I do with those leads is refer them to this blog for helpful information.  You could just as easily try to sell them on your opportunity.

But that’d be a mistake, too.  Tomorrow I’ll share the best way to make contact with these leads.

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  1. I joined a program like this before and realized that I was getting tons of traffic but was not profiting from it. The only time that I profited from it was when I would look through the list and see something that would interest me but nothing ever caught my interest enough to purchase because I could start selling the same thing and make money for my self and by it at a discount.

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