Fast Directory Submitter Review

Fast Directory Submitter is a program that allows both automatic and manual submission to link directories. Fast Directory Submitter competes with products such as Link Directory Submitter (click for my review of that product).

Fast Directory Submitter is a free download, but without paying money you’re limited to submitting each site to 150 directories. This certainly gives you enough room to get a feel for the program.

The program does what it needs to do, and has a nice user interface. Directories are listed along with the date you submitted to them, the anchor text used, and other info. You can easily sort the list so that directories you have not submitted to are displayed first.

The program makes it very easy to mass submit to large numbers of directories. This isn’t a technique I’d recommend. Adding directory links gradually over time is more natural looking to search engines, and a better technique. But it just takes a little discipline to run the program every few days and submit to a few more directories.

One of the things I did not like about the program is that you must create an account to use it. In the Internet Marketing world, knowledge of what niches someone is targeting is useful information. Doing everything through an account makes it possible for them to know what anchor text you’re using and to track the websites you’re submitting. I’m sure that the Fast Directory Submitter folks respect the privacy of their members, but it’d be a smarter bet to not require an account to use the program.

Once you’ve used up the 150 directories you can submit to for free, you must pay $15 per website you are promoting to unlock the rest of the directories (currently a bit over 2,000).

If you’re promoting a single website, like a blog, then this is a good deal. If you’re promoting multiple niche websites and create new ones often, then a program like Link Directory Submitter will be a better value (a one-time payment for unlimited websites).

Click here for the Fast Directory Submitter page.

P.S. Since Fast Directory Submitter is a free download, the above is not an affiliate link. If you like the program, and decide to purchase upgrade credits for one or more websites, doing so through this link will help to support this blog, and not cost you any more than if you bought them through the Fast Directory submitter website.

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  1. The directory effect takes some time, since primarily what you’re doing is boosting your site in Google’s eyes, and affecting your Google results positioning.

    By the way, I edited your comment to remove the link to Tripinator, since you’d already had that as your primary URL and were already getting a link back to it.

    For the purposes of the contest, let’s keep comments to one link each, unless it’s out to a site that furthers the discussion (so your edited comment is fine, since it has just the one link out to your traveler podcast site). Nothing wrong with a little shameless self promotion!

  2. Justwante to say thank you for putting out this reveiw; I just found out about this submitter software and googled for a review of it and found yours. Told me what I wanted to know.

    BTW, as of now (feb 2008) they are advertising 350 free links.

  3. I just used this program for the 150 directory’s and i must say it is the best tool i have used so far. no selecting of category’s just enter some anti spam text and go.

    If i want to upgrade i will use ure link.

    Thanks for this review

  4. I started using Fast Directory Submitter back in November on a brand new blog. Admittedly, I was redirecting my old site to the new one, but there is no doubt in my mind that using Fast Directory Submitter is responsible for the spike in traffic to my new site.

    I don’t do free (he he) so I upgraded and I just love the software! Thanks for a brilliant recommendation.


  5. I have read several ebooks that do not recommend using a list service like this. However I am intrigued. What would be the downside to using this type of software and does the upside override the downside (if there is one).

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