Ethical Internet Marketing

I wanted to talk a little more about what I see this blog being, and it has to do with my views on what Internet Marketing should be.

There’s a lot of hype about Internet Marketing, and an enormous number of ebooks and courses you can buy that purport to teach you how to do it. My opinion is that marketing products to people who want to make money online is a pyramid scheme. We’re expecting the newcomers to spend money to support us. And like all pyramid schemes, it’s doomed to failure (see my Squidoo page, How Does MLM Work? for more info on why pyramid schemes don’t work).

Instead, I prefer the model where everyone who wants to make money online is enabled to do it. Even if the amount of money they’re making is small, I want them to make something.

So, I refuse to market to Internet Marketers in this blog. Yes, I’ll have links to affiliate programs now and then because I’ve reviewed an ebook or Internet Marketing site. But I’ll be honest about whether the techniques covered by the book worked for me or not. If I say the techniques didn’t work for me, and you choose to buy the book through my link anyway, I’ll consider my commission from the sale as a donation to the maintenance costs of the blog.

My primary goal is to collect information that will help a complete newcomer to making money online get started. That’s why there are a number of background posts that don’t review specific opportunities. That’s why you’ll see case studies as time goes on where I lay out exactly what I did and what happened as a result.

This blog isn’t really for the experienced Internet Marketer, although you’re more than welcome to leave comments with helpful advice for the rest of us. Primarily, though, this is for the newcomers.

Good luck, and may we all make money!

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