E-junkie Free Trial

I’d posted earlier a review about E-junkie.

Recently, the folks over at E-junkie offered a coupon code for my readers that will extend the normal one-week free trial to a full month. A one-week trial barely gives you enough time to play with the system, let alone start generating sales. But a full month is plenty of time to get everything set up and generate enough sales to cover your second month’s membership fee (which is $5 for the lowest level, selling 10 products).

To get the extended free trial, sign up at E-junkie and use the coupon code E-JUNKIEOPP. Enjoy!

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  1. It’s useful only if you want to start selling products. If you’re already selling products, it might offer advantages over the way you’re currently doing it, but you’d have to compare the features of both ways.

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