Downline Partners Review

Downline Partners is a downline builder program.

If you’re not familiar with downline builders, they provide a collection of MLM opportunties that you join. You then promote the downline builder, and your referrals go under you in all the MLM opportunities in the collection. Marketing Pond is a downline builder for free money programs.

Downline builders also provide a sense of community that’s sometimes missing from MLM programs. You’re not joining alone, hoping to hear from your sponsor, you’re joining with everyone else in the downline builder. You have fellow members to ask questions of if you get stuck or need help.

Downline Partners focuses on paid programs. At first glance, I took the site for the typical downline builder. After joining I found several features of the site that are worth a second look.

The first feature is the ability to sponsor a new opportunity. When you sponsor a new opportunity, you are the top of the matrix for anyone else in the site who joins that opportunity. This can be powerful, and as such is reserved for those who promote Downline Partners (you need 50 referrals to sponsor a program).

Another innovative feature is their discussion forum. It uses something they call company codes, instead of referral links. I can link to a specific forum post, such as this one talking about the benefits of Kiosk, and you’ll see normal looking forum posts between members of Downline Partners.

Notice in the messages there are various referral links that all have my ID in them. What’s happened is that when the posts were written, instead of placing referral links, the authors placed company codes such as $$kiosk$$. When the forum is viewed through my member link, those company codes get replaced with my referral link for the program.

This is a powerful technique. You can advertise the forum in whatever way you want, using your member link, and if someone joins any of the programs, or Downline Partners, you’ll get the referral. There may be other programs using this technique, but this is the first time I’ve run across it.

Downline Partners has another unusual marketing tool.

Referral TV is a collection of videos in an embedded viewer. Here’s their collection of Great Tricks videos. Note the ads on the right. Each has my referral link for that program, at least for those programs I chose to join.

You can always choose not to join some of the programs right away, which is a nice feature. With paid programs you can’t usually afford all of them in a downline builder. Making them optional means you can build one income up to the point of being able to afford the others.

There’s also a rich collection of splash pages for you to use in your advertising, and program specific pages.

Of course, there’s also a paid upgrade option. With a paid upgrade of $5 per month, you can place your own links in your member pages. For example, in any of the pages linked above, toward the bottom will be sponsor links. When you pay for a sponsor link, your link shows up for any of your referrals, or for people you send to your member links.

As a bonus for paying the upgrade fee, you get put into the Downline Partners’ rotator until you get a free referral. This is a bit of a gamble. If the person you get is already in all the programs, you won’t get anything from them. If they’re not, and choose to join one of the MLM programs, you may get your $5 back from the referral commissions.

All in all, Downline Partners is a cut above the other downline builders I’ve seen. Clearly, some thought has gone into providing better promotional tools than the competition.

I hadn’t intended to get involved in another downline builder, but I think I’ll stick around this one.

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  1. I am a member of Marketing Pond and I hardly ever promote it. I would probably make more money if I would. I am going to try this down line partners and see how they work out for me. Thanks for the opportunity.

  2. My best tip for getting referrals into Marketing Pond, if you can only do one thing, is to post ads on Clix Sense now and then. I never fail to get some referrals from ads placed there. Downline Partners is also a great program, but it doesn’t contain Marketing Pond yet. It’s only a matter of time, though.

  3. Jay,

    What a great post. I love how you condensed and made sense of the unique features of downlinepartners. I have been a member for quite awhile and talk about it in my blog often. I am a member of marketing pond too but am trying to stay focused on my DP growth.


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