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We all know that backlinks are an integral part of a site’s search engine optimization strategy.

The anchor text used in backlinks is key in obtaining high rankings for given keywords. Look at John Chow’s review scheme for the keyword “make money online”. Through offering backlinks for reviews that used that specific anchor text, he gathered thousands of backlinks that pushed him to #1 in Google for the keyword.

Most of us won’t get the same results, since we don’t have blogs that are as popular. But we can get backlinks just the same, many with our choice of anchor text. And one-way backlinks give us more “juice” in SEO terms than reciprocal links.

There are numerous free directories on the web that list web sites in appropriate categories to help people find what they want to find, and don’t require a reciprocal link. is the most well known of these free directories, but getting a backlink there often has a waiting period measured in years. And a single backlink isn’t as important as multiple backlinks, even if the single backlink is from a high page rank site (regular readers will remember my views on page rank…for those new to the blog, I consider page rank of linking sites to be less important than the quantity of backlinks, for search engine optimization purposes).

Submitting to directories is a time consuming process of filling out web forms and, for each directory, finding the most appropriate category for your website. Software for submitting to directories automatically does exist, but typical claims are about “blasting your link to thousands of directories”. For search engine optimization purposes, you don’t want your link blasted all at once to thousands of directories.

Search engines know what natural, organic link growth looks like. Links build over time. Search engines that see a thousand backlinks instantly appear will tend to penalize the site they point to in search engine rankings. Backlinks must appear gradually over time to mimic natural linking.

Directory Maximizer is a manual submission service. This means that your web site is submitted to directories by a real person, not an automated piece of software. This is helpful because the real people can adjust the category of your site to match the directory.

Another nice feature of Directory Maximizer is that you can submit to only as many directories as you want. If you tell them to submit to 25 directories, they’ll randomly pick 25 of their directories to submit to, and do it over the course of a few days. In a few weeks, you can choose to submit to another 25 (or 50, or whatever). You’re in control of when submissions are made, so you can mimic the appearance of natural linking over time.

Varying your anchor text and directory descriptions is also important, as search engines will recognize too heavy a use of one anchor text and description. Directory Maximizer allows you to give them five possible anchor text and description combinations, and a weighting to say how often each should be used. They’ll rotate among them for directory submissions.

Directory Maximizer has, currently, 683 directories they use for submissions. So you’ll only get a total of 683 backlinks using the service. I assume they’ll add new directories over time, but probably not in bulk. Each directory they use is chosen because it provides one-way links, and allows your choice of anchor text to be used.

Given that directory submission is a tedious, manual process, the fact that they charge only 14 cents per submission is a good deal. I’ve recently used the service for about 35 directory submissions for Online Opportunity, and everything went off exactly as advertised.

Some directories require confirmation of a submission, and those confirmations will come to your email address. Out of the 35 submissions they made for me, about a dozen required confirmation.

Overall, I’m quite happy with the service, and will continue to use it over time to build backlinks for the blog. To give it a try yourself, go to Directory Maximizer. Note that while they charge 14 cents per directory submission, they have a minimum $5 payment, which works out to about 35 directories.

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  1. I was wondering if you have ever heard of IT seems like a good deal but I’m skeptical of course.
    YOu have such thorough information and I figure you may know more about it.
    Thanks for you time.

  2. Lori, that isn’t one I’ve seen yet, but I’ll take a look and post a review.

    Anyone interested in checking it out before then should head over to Lori’s blog for a link.

  3. I have used their services long time back. As you said Directory submission still work but we need to submit to quality directories which will show up in google as backlinks.

    Thanks for the review.

  4. Hi Joanne! I wouldn’t expect much increase in traffic through directory submissions in the short term. The benefit of directory submissions is to increase your search engine results positioning, which will get you more traffic in the long-term.

  5. that is interesting. I have been doing it by hand and it is very time consuming. I think that I would rather pay someone to do it than to do it myself. This is a fairly low price to have this done and if it turns out the way that you said it would, then it is well worth it.

  6. [quote comment=”160″]I wouldn’t expect much increase in traffic through directory submissions in the short term. The benefit of directory submissions is to increase your search engine results positioning, which will get you more traffic in the long-term.[/quote]

    This is a very helpful comment. I spent some time manually submitting my site to search engines, but stopped bothering with it, because I hadn’t seen any traffic from any of it.

    Your point leads me to reconsider this.

  7. I use this service regularly, in fact have been using it for more than a year now. Think it’s very easy to use and like the feature where they keep adding new directories and they keep track of the old submissions and ensure you can keep submitting to the new ones.

    As for results, can definitely say I got quite a few links. My traffic’s also improved in the past year but having said that, I’ve also worked on other link building as well. So can’t definitely attribute my site’s success to directory submissions but I’m sure it’s helped in some way. As a service though, I’d give directory maximizer a thumbs up.

  8. Hi Raj, thanks for the comment! It is tough to attribute better rankings to any particular effort, but it all combines.

    Oh, and for anyone keeping track, Directory Maximizer has added several hundred directories since I wrote this review.

  9. I used this service once to test it out. from 100 submissions only 55 directories acknowledged receipt of the submission.

    Of this 55 only 10 approved in 2 months.

    Of the 10 approved only 2 were pages actually cached at Google.

    I contacted support twice already and have had one response saying wait until mid December. I don’t believe there will be any further links.


    1. Thanks for sharing your experiences, Jason! I had good results with DirectoryMaximizer back when I first started this site, but that’s been a couple of years. Unfortunately, the web changes all the time, so it looks like it might not be as good a service now as it was then.

  10. Hi Jay! I’ve been using them & have subscribed to their monthly submission service with the email handling option… but I am seeing results, like improvement in rankings & increase in traffic 🙂

    Since it is a monthly submissions thing I have not been doing any other SEO for my site so I think the increase is entirely from their efforts…

    Their service is also great btw, prompt response to email & all.

  11. I enjoyed reading your review. I actually just submitted a request for them to submit my site to $7 worth of directories (I think around 50). I’ll keep you guys updated on how it goes.

  12. Interesting article, I am still undecided if this style of services actually works, I also use Social Maximizer in combination, every website I built including my own is number one, but is Directory Maximizer a real factor? … On a side note have you created instant backlinks, such as I recently produced my own instant backlink generator based on WordPress framework and Iframes 🙂 every site I produce is instantly indexed within a few hours!

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