DealDotCom Preview

Betshopboy turned me on to DealDotCom.

The site itself is still in prelaunch, until tomorrow. What will it be when it launches?

Basically, DealDotCom is setting itself up to be an outlet for Internet Marketing guides and tools. Have an ebook you want to get out to a larger audience? Sell it there. Have a terrific service that you think would help someone running an online business? Sell it there.

The catch is that you only get 24 hours for your product or service to sell, and you have to give DealDotCom buyers a huge discount over your regular pricing. Think in terms of making DealDotCom a JV partner in your business. Oh, and you can only sell a limited quantity at that price.

The possibilities are good, since the members are primed to want Internet marketing materials, and good prices. The 24 hour window and limited quantity provides time pressure for people to want to buy quickly if they’re at all interested in your product. They’ll know that the price is likely to be the lowest they’ll get it at anywhere.

When you sign up for DealDotCom you also become an affiliate. They have a two-tier program, so you earn from your referrals’ purchases (35%) and from their referrals’ purchases (15%). Once you get someone to sign up under you, you earn on any purchases they ever make at the site.

The only way to join DealDotCom right now is through an invite from an existing member, so click here to join.

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