Daily Pay Guarantee Reviewed

When I first ran across the Daily Pay Guarantee website, my first thought was that it was a typical landing page full of hype and an opportunity to bypass.

They claim that you can “make up to $1,000 a day with no sponsoring, guaranteed”. They convey the essence of wealth with a picture of a Mercedes Benz, and say you’ll “get paid within the next 24 hours guaranteed”. This sounds great! Clicking the button to find out more takes you to a signup page. There’s also a FAQ link across the top.

The FAQ has the details of what’s going on. Basically, you pay an initial registration fee of either $250 or $100, and then pay $5 a day thereafter. If you pay the $250 registration fee, they put people under you automatically. If you pay the $100 registration fee, you have to recruit your own downline. The FAQ doesn’t say what percentage you get from your downline.

The FAQ is quick to reassure you that this is not a pyramid scheme. Daily Pay Guarantee also brings in money through a search engine, traffic exchange, and safe list (which you are agreeing to be on by joining). No mention of how much of that money goes to members.

At this point, Daily Pay Guarantee has raised all my red flags for an MLM opportunity:

  1. Unrealistic promises of success with no work put into it
  2. Members pay into the system to support those above them
  3. No actual product or service that members are getting for their daily fee
  4. No details of how downline commissions work
  5. The website contradicts itself in places and is unprofessional

My normal reaction would have been to close the browser window and forget about Daily Pay Guarantee. It’s almost certainly a recipe for losing money. But it’s also the sort of thing that would appeal to someone new to making money online who is desperate to escape from a day job. That’s just the sort of person I started this blog to help.

So against my better judgment I paid the $250 registration fee and signed up. I picked the $250 amount because if I was going to review the opportunity, I’d review the option that would most appeal to newcomers to MLM and Internet marketing.

Things went downhill from there. According to emails I received, I should have two people assigned to my downline within hours. Instead, it took about a week and a half just for them to recognize that I’d upgraded from a free member to a “bronze” member. It took another day or two to get my first person assigned under me. I did no promotion of Daily Pay Guarantee (after all, I paid for them to do the work).

For a while they had a list of free and paid members on their website. By communicating with the person I had signed up under, I worked out their algorithm for assigning downlines, and knew exactly when my two people should have been assigned. When that point had passed, I started bugging them. I never actually did get an email answers, but eventually I got the one person put under me. That was a few days ago, and there’s no sign of a second. But as a result of my bugging them, they did take down the pages that showed the free and paid members, so other people wouldn’t be able to know when they’d screwed up.

I’m currently breaking even on the $5 a day. I’m not sure how that works, since I only have one person under me who is also paying $5 a day. But then they never really did say how the commissions work, so it’s hard to know if that’s right or not.

So, after giving Daily Pay Guarantee a try, my first impressions are confirmed. This is not a professionally run organization. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it’s just a couple of guys who know PHP coding.

Give this one a pass, along with any other MLM opportunity you find that has the same qualities. The only way you’ll make any money in this sort of program is to get in very early and get very lucky.

On the other hand, if you have $250 you can afford to spend in order to try and make money online, go over to Site 5 web hosting and give them $120 of it for two years’ web hosting under their $5 a month plan. That gets you 110 GB of storage, 5 TB bandwidth, and the ability to host 110 domains (this blog is hosted at Site 5).

Spend the other $120 on a nice logo or WordPress theme, and start blogging. After two years of blogging, you’ll probably be making more money through advertisements on your blog than you would be if you’d put the $250 into Daily Pay Guarantee.

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  1. [quote post=”177″]Blogging and make money online is just like in all other aspect in life, there is no short cut to succeed[/quote]

    You’re right there. Unfortunately, most of the online opportunities these days play to people’s desire for shortcuts.

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