Comment Guidelines

I encourage readers to leave comments on articles here, letting me (and everyone else) know their results with the various programs. Comments on the blog older than 2 days are “follow” comments, which can be good for your blog’s search engine rankings (the 2 day period allows me to handle comments that violate the guidelines below).

Comment guidelines:

  1. Use your name or your blog name in comments. Comments with keyword stuffed names will not be approved.
  2. Do post a useful comment that adds to the discussion. Comments such as “Great post” or “Interesting” will not be approved.
  3. Don’t double link! You get one back link that’s linked to your name. Don’t include that same back link in the comment text.
  4. Please do not put affiliate links in comments. Such comments will be sanitized before being published. My goal is to have only links on this site to programs I’ve personally tried and think have value.
  5. You may put a link to your home page along with your comments to generate some extra traffic to your page. Your homepage may very well try to sell people on an affiliate program.
  6. Keep comments polite and professional. Profanity may be filtered.

The overall goal is to keep this as a welcoming environment for people new to making money online, where they can learn from the experiences of others.

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