Church Fundraising Online

There are many ways of making money online, and quite a few of them require that you be able to get others to take actions on your behalf (e.g. get referrals who then purchase products, or click ads, or whatever).

Churches are rather unique, in that they generally have a membership that is willing to perform actions on the church’s behalf. Usually that action is donating a bit of money on a weekly or monthly basis, or perhaps leaving a substantial sum to the church in their will.

Combine this willingness of a church membership to perform actions for the church’s benefit, and the typical way that making money online works, and you have a ready made fundraising option for the church. Often, at less cost to the church membership than simply donating money…some ways will actually make the membership a bit of money while it benefits the church.

The basic idea is simple…find a way of making money online that reward referral activity. Sign the church up and then distribute the church’s referral link to the membership. The membership signs up under the church, and does whatever action is needed to make the church money. The membership can even then refer non-church members under themselves, to boost both their and the church’s earnings (depending on how the program works, of course).

Some programs online are ideally suited for this.

My Power Mall

My Power Mall is perhaps one of the best options for church fundraising. Many members of the church will already be shopping online, so shopping through their own mall is not that much of a switch.

The members themselves make money in the form of rebates on their own shopping, and the church makes money from the members’ shopping, too. Since My Power Mall pays down 10 levels, there’s plenty of room for members to recruit non-members and thus earn both themselves and the church more.

Deals N Cash

Deals N Cash is a paid email program. It’s one of the better ones out there, in that you get relatively few emails.

You get paid about $0.03 for each email you read, and $0.02 for each email a referral reads. Since emails come relatively infrequently, averaging about one or two a day, it isn’t any big deal to view them for the credit. When an entire church membership does this, the church itself would earn a nice amount of extra money each month.

Hits 4 Pay

Hits 4 Pay is run by the same people who run Deals N Cash, and is basically the same program with a slightly different pay structure.

Instead of getting paid $0.02 for your referral’s emails only, you get paid $0.01 for their emails, and $0.01 for their referrals’ emails. This allows the church members to recruit others to make a little money themselves and to boost the church’s earnings, too.


Yuwie is a website that pays you to socialize.

Yuwie pays down 10 levels, so there’s plenty of room for the church members to join under the church, and then to recruit other non-members under themselves. Since Yuwie is a website for socialization, the various church groups could start clubs for online discussions, posting schedules, etc.

All the while they’d be earning money for the church.


I’ve highlighted four free opportunities online that would be easy for members to use to raise a bit of extra money on a monthly basis for their church.

There are also various other programs, such as Cash Crate that would pay members to complete offers, and give the church a portion of what they earn. There are quite a large number of possibilities for a church to harness the online activity of its members to add extra fundraising each month.

What other creative ways have you found to raise money for organizations online?

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