Recent Site Updates

Just a quick post to highlight some recent updates to the site:

Quoter Plugin

I’m now using the Quoter plugin on the blog, which allows you to quote from other comments, or even to select and quote from text in the post itself. It works great, and is the next best thing to threaded comments (which will take some work to integrate with the new theme).

More Recent Posts

I wasn’t happy with how quickly recent posts were falling off the end of the list (I suppose I should stop with the three-post days!), so I increased the number of recent posts showing to 10. This creates a bit more symmetry with the popular posts list, which was listing the same number of posts.

My Blog Log Widget

I’ve changed the My Blog Log widget to show more recent visitors, at the cost of removing their names.

What do you think about the changes? If you have other suggestions you think would improve the site, let me know by leaving a comment.

New Theme!

I’ve changed WordPress themes, so if you’re reading this on a feed or through email, come to the blog to let me know what you think.

The new theme has a more graphical look and feel, as opposed to the straight text of the previous theme. I found that some of the features I wanted to add were causing the text theme to feel cluttered. The new theme has an a couple of additional sidebars to use, including a footer for rarely used widgets.

I’ve added a “top commentator” widget, so the people with the highest number of comments over the last 30 days will get a link in the sidebar to their website (assuming you entered one when you left your comment). This link is a “follow” link, as opposed to the “nofollow” links in the comments, so it’s a bit of a reward for contributing to the blog.

I’ve also added the MyBlogLog widget to show pictures of recent visitors from MyBlogLog (thanks for coming!) To see your picture there, go over to and join up. There’s a free version of their service that’s very suitable for small blogs and includes some useful statistics.

The logo was designed by the great folks over at They came up with four or five initial designs based on very minimal input from me, and then put up with about a dozen edits before we ended up with the final result. I’d highly recommend them for anyone wanting a professionally done logo.

So, like it or hate it, let me know what you think of the new theme!


Welcome to Online Opportunity!

This is the obligatory welcome message to get some content in the blog while I continue to work with WordPress plugins. The look of the site might change drastically over the next few weeks as I come up with the configuration that I like the best.

Future posts will be real content on the topic of making money online.