Butterfly Reports Review

There are two ways of using ebooks that have become popular.

One is giving away a free ebook as an incentive for someone to join your list. This works well, although there is something to be said against having a list full of people who are only interested in getting a free ebook.

The problem with actually doing this is finding a suitably useful ebook to give away.

Another is having a viral ebook, where other people can change the affiliate links in the ebook to their own. This gives those people an incentive to distribute your ebook, since they benefit from signups through the affiliate links. The benefit to you is that your ebook, with a link to your site, is read by more people. And if you’re smart, you give your ebook readers a reason to come to your site.

The problem with actually doing this is that you need to purchase software that will allow other people to brand your ebook with their affiliate links. Such software isn’t cheap, and usually isn’t easy to use.

Butterfly Reports is a site that fulfills both of those needs.

As a free member to the site, what you get is two ebooks each month that you can give away as an incentive for people to join your list. These ebooks are also brandable, so you can replace some of the links with your own. So if you’re looking for a give away to your list, you’ll get a regular supply.

Also as a free member, you can submit an ebook to the site to be given to other members. These ebooks are automatically branded by the system, so that others have an incentive to give them away. So you get more readers for your ebook, and presumably more visitors to your site…assuming you’ve written your ebook in such a way that readers are motivated to visit your site. A technique that works well is to offer them lifetime updates to the ebook if they register for your list.

There are paid upgrades to the membership available. The basic, free membership should be find for most marketers. Two free brandable ebooks a month, plus submitting one of your own a month, is more than most marketers can use. For anyone who is looking to build a huge variety of lists, or submit a lot of ebooks, there’s an upgrade option that removes most of the limits (you’ll still have a limit on the number of staff written ebooks you get per month, because they only write so many…but you’ll have access to all the member written ebooks).

Even if you don’t have a list to build now, join for free and start saving the monthly ebooks you get. They’ll be on a variety of topics, and one of them might spark you into building a list targeted to that ebook.

Click here to join Butterfly Reports.

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