Breaking Into The CPA Arena

CPA (cost per action) advertising is the way that sites like Treasure Trooper and Cash Crate make their money. They get paid when you perform whatever action they ask you to perform, and then they give you a part of what they made.

It’s been traditionally hard to break into the arena of making money through CPA advertising, because the ad networks that handle CPA ads want sites with high traffic. Typical blogs won’t get approved.

Up until now, that is.

The Multiple Stream Media Network is a relatively new CPA ad network, and so they’re more willing to take a chance on “low” traffic sites and blogs. I’ve recently been approved there on the basis of Online Opportunity’s traffic stats, which come to about 3,100 United States visitors a month (the region they’re primarily interested in).

CPA advertising is attractive, because you don’t need to get someone to actually buy anything, but rather simply fill out a form. The information required differs from ad to ad, but it’s often just filling out a name and email address. This pays anywhere from $1 to 3 per person, so can be decent money if you get the right sort of traffic.

Like any sort of advertising, test to see if your particular mix of traffic does best with CPA or CPC (such as Adsense ads).

If you have a site that’s a bit low for traffic for the established CPA networks, you might give Multiple Stream Media Network a try.

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