Blogger Rookie of the Year Contest

Prija has started a very nice contest, the Blogger Rookie of the Year contest.

The idea is to recognize great blogs that started in 2007, and allow readers and bloggers to vote for the one they think is the greatest. Recognizing new bloggers is a terrific thing, and already the post linked to above has a nice representation from lots of bloggers in the comments section.

If you haven’t voted yet, click on over and vote!

6 Replies to “Blogger Rookie of the Year Contest”

  1. Hi Prija! I teach computer science. I don’t know if that’s as documentary worthy as journalism or business, but you’d be welcome at the campus. I have no idea what legalities would be involved in filming students, but I think they’d love it.

  2. I’ve really been looking forward to this project taking off. I wonder how big it might get. Directly after seeing the ad on John Chow I bought a spot and have yet to see the spots after #20 fill up so I’m a little skeptical at this point.

    It does still look like a great project, however, and I hope it goes far.

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