Blogger Giving Away A Car?

Well, sort of. Prija, over at Cash for Comments is also the person behind Blogging The Movie.

As part of the promotion for Blogging The Movie, he’ll be giving away a Scion TC. The idea is that such an outrageous giveaway will create a lot of buzz for the movie and get people excited about it.

The catch is that he needs you to pay for the car. He’s offering 500 sponsorships, at $100 each. For that you get two reviews of your blog, advertising on the car itself, a permanent link on the contest page, and a chance to be part of blogging history. The money goes to buy the car for the giveaway, another for his sister, and the rest to pay for the filming of Blogging the Movie.

I’ve got to give Prija credit, he doesn’t do anything halfway. Regardless of what you might think about helping to pay for his sister’s car, the $100 sponsorship isn’t way out of line for the two reviews and permanent link.

One question I had after reading the contest page was, how long will the domain ads be displayed on the cars? He can, perhaps, get his sister to leave hers on while she’s at college. The winner of the other car, though, probably will paint it as soon as they can afford to do so.

Anyway, go over to the contest page to read all about it.

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