Blog Rush Update

Just a quick update on Blog Rush.

My traffic stats show that yesterday I received 6 visitors from other sites running the widget. Those visitors show as being referred from “”.

That was the first day I’d received traffic. Presumably it took a day for me to build up enough credits from showing the widget to get enough exposure for my own posts to show. I’ll let you know how the traffic changes in the next few days, but 6 visitors on the first day of traffic is better than I’ve seen with most of these sorts of programs.

6 Replies to “Blog Rush Update”

  1. Thanks, Carolyn! If you can find a Blog Rush category that is a good match for your blog content, it might be worth using the widget. Unfortunately, right now the categories are pretty broad. They’ll probably make them more specific as they get a larger base of members.

  2. Good to hear the widget is sending you traffic, I’m still tracking my stats on the widget I signed up under your link.

    Having more specific categories is one of the minor improvement I hope BlogRush will make in the coming days.

  3. They definitely need more specific categories. Also, they only filter for certain keywords. Some that I tried wouldn’t take. If I can’t control for the content, it will be a short-lived experiment. (But those referral credits should stick…)

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