Blog Profits Blueprint Review

Blog Profits Blueprint is an ebook on how to make money blogging.

You’re probably thinking, “not another one!” Bear with me, because Blog Profits Blueprint is what John Chow’s ebook should have been.

Blog Profits Blueprint is written by Yaro Starak, a man who makes money blogging. He doesn’t make quite as much each month as John Chow, but his ebook is a much better read for those new to blogging.

Yaro covers the strategies and tactics of professional blogging. A focus throughout the book is that if you’re serious about making money blogging, you treat it as a business. That means learning to market your blog to gain readers and build trust. It also means making certain that your blog adds value to your readers, otherwise you’ll have no readers.

Some of the tactics covered include how to create what Yaro calls a pillar article. These are the articles that draw the most traffic and gain you readership. You’ll see similar advice in other blogs: create a top 10 list, a how-to article, give away and ebook for free, etc. Tactics also include marketing your blog.

While none of the material in Blog Profits Blueprint is revolutionary to anyone who has been blogging for more than a few months, it’s indispensable for someone new to blogging who wants to get started and have a hope of someday making money from a blog.

Yaro’s offering Blog Profits Blueprint for free. He also is going to be offering a mentorship program for those serious about making money blogging, where he offers advice and exercises to be completed.

I’d recommend Blog Profits Blueprint to anyone thinking about getting into professional blogging.

9 Replies to “Blog Profits Blueprint Review”

  1. Jay –

    Good review of the book. I agree that this book paints more of a how-to picture than John’s. I am trying to finish up case study that will be my first pillar post. I have a feeling you will like it.


  2. Great post Jay! I’m excited to see your case study! I’ve finally situated everything out with my site, come by and tell me what you think. I subscribed to your feed via cell phone, and it displays great. Good stuff dude!

  3. Randall, the site looks great! Glad the blog looks good through a cell phone. If I ever get one that’ll show the blog I’ll see about fine tuning the mobile version of the site.

  4. Thanks Jay.

    I was traveling today and as I checked my e-mail I learned from your comment here that I was mentioned. It has driven a fair amount of traffic.

    I need to get Part 2 up so I can go with the momentum.


  5. I just signed up and was waiting to see if you went for the $77 a month step by step, take you under his wing, plan. I am going to wait and see if I can find someone who is living proof that his stuff does work. Until then I am going to read his E-book and listen to the audio.

  6. Hi Rosa, I didn’t go for the full plan, mostly because I don’t have the time. I like the idea quite a bit, but would also want to see some of the blogs that his graduates write.

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