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BlinkWeb is a new service that claims to allow anyone to build a web site through point and click technology.

BlinkWeb is a bit like Google Pages. The features of both are similar. You can create a multi-page site, choose a layout and template from their gallery, and drag and drop different components onto the pages. BlinkWeb has more features specific to Internet Marketers, though.

The components supported by BlinkWeb right now include a contact form, a guest book, Google Maps integration for showing where an address is, Google Adsense integration, and a custom HTML widget. You can also include paragraphs, a paragraph with an attached title, images, and a paragraph with an image embedded in it, along with doing a two column layout for part of the page. You can also easily add in video and Flickr integration.

The templates available are a bit sparse right now. You might find something for your niche, or you might not. The widgets available are also a bit sparse. They’re fine for basic sites, but you’ll have to use the custom HTML widget for anything more complicated.

One of the attractive points about BlinkWeb is that it offers a Sales Letter as a page type. These pages have a different set of templates, all modeled after typical Internet Marketing type sales pages. So putting up a simple sales page with BlinkWeb is very trivial.

Another type of page provided is a blog page. This provides the standard blog sorts of widgets and a sidebar. Of course, you can specify the typical SEO information, such as meta keywords and description, and the page title.

BlinkWeb is definitely targeted toward Internet Marketers. They offer a five day lesson in how to earn using BlinkWeb, which basically walks you through an overview of developing an information product and using BlinkWeb to create a sales site. They also provide a Facebook widget so you can promote your site on Facebook easily.

This is all free. So what does BlinkWeb get from it? In Day 5 of the lessons, they suggest you obtain a domain name instead of using a subdomain of The way you can use a domain of your own that’s built into BlinkWeb is to purchase web hosting from them. You get the domain itself for free, and web hosting at $1 for the first month and $14.95 a month after that.

It isn’t clear from reading the site if the $14.95 a month only covers a single web site, or multiple. I’d guess a single web site, and that they intend for online marketers to pay out of the profits from selling their product.

BlinkWeb does do what it says. Anyone can make a web site with it, although you might need to figure out what to put into the meta keywords, etc. And, you can do it for free, and get your web site up and running and perfected before you make a decision on whether you want to pay $14.95 a month basically to use your own domain name with the site.

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