Big Dog Heavy Hitters Review

One of our own commentors here, Rick Katz, has a free report he’s giving away.

The report is available at It promises to show you how to market like the “big dogs”, and without going broke.

The report is quite well done, and favors substance over presentation. The report follows the trend of some of the latest Internet Marketing techniques, which basically say to market your primary opportunity only to those who have invested some time already, such as by purchasing a less expensive report or by downloading a free report. Only market your primary opportunity once you’ve built some trust. (As a side note, while this sort of approach is recently a fad in Internet Marketing circles, it’s been the recommended way of doing things all along at SBI!).

The report then also breaks down the qualities needed by any marketing campaign in order to successfully implement the techniques he talks about.

And true to his own advice, Rick offers a solution to all of the above at the end of the report. I’m currently testing out the solution, so will have more to say about it after I’ve seen what results it gives.

In the meantime, head over to and get your free copy of Rick’s report. It’s good stuff!

2 Replies to “Big Dog Heavy Hitters Review”

  1. Jay, I’m just about to grab the free report (always looking for a new angle). Blogs will continue to be popular and Facebook (plus other social marketing sites) are all areas for potentially huge profits by driving traffic to a monetized website.

    Develop your marketing plan and stick to it.


  2. Hi Adrian! There are lots of possibilities out there. Developing a plan and sticking to it is important…too many people think that if they can’t make a bundle in a week, there’s something wrong with the plan.

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