Beginning of Brain Foggles Promotion

For anyone who has followed the contests over at The Advisory Panel, you’ll know that Connie of Brain Foggles won the blog promotion package in April’s activity contest.

Part of the prize was a month of banner exposure on this blog. You can see the banner over at the top of the right sidebar. That was the easiest place to put a banner, since I haven’t quite had time to work out adding banners to other spots on the blog yet. The banner will run for at least a month (a month plus however long it takes me to find time to replace it).

The idea behind the blog promotion package is to provide some new traffic to an existing blog from a variety of sources. In addition to the banner here, I’ll be writing some articles and submitting them to, and I’ll be paying for a bit of banner promotion over at Project Wonderful. With any luck the combined effort will give Connie’s blog a traffic boost.

While you’re reading this anyway, head on over to Brain Foggles and see what Connie has to offer!

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  1. [quote post=”563″]I see Mr Rowse of ProBlogger has recently stopped by, I do hope you offered him some tea and cake.[/quote]

    We have virtual refreshments set out for all our visitors. Enjoy!

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