AutoResponder Review — Get Response

Membership to Get Response is $17.95 a month, although you can prepay up to a year in advance to get a discount. One year is $145.40, which comes out to about $12 a month.

Get Response autoresponders do allow subscription via email, although they block many of the coregistration services. So the normal use of subscription via email is limited. Get Response does provide its own coregistration service, so you can still purchase subscribers; you simply must use their service instead of any other service.

The autoresponders allow you to set a custom thank you page after a user has confirmed their subscription.

Customization of emails is a strong point at Get Response. You can choose from a dozen templates for the body of the confirmation message, depending on the purpose of your list (a newsletter, product support, sales, etc). Then inside each template is a spot for you to put a personalized message. The entire confirmation message ends up looking very natural.

You also get to customize many aspects of the pages that Get Response shows, including putting your own logos, etc. If you use all the customization options that they allow, your subscriber will never leave your site, but you’ll still be able to personalize the text they see to their subscriber information (e.g. “Thanks, John, for subscribing!”)

Get Response also provides rich support for HTML messages.

Delivery rate is very good, comparable to that at Traffic Wave.

Get Response allows simple broadcasting of messages to all subscribers.

Link tracking is available, and you can even set things up so that the links use your domain instead of This helps your subscribers to have a more seamless experience with your website.

I’d give Get Response an A+ for features, being easily the most full-featured autoresponder service that I’ve reviewed. The value grade is B+, but only if you prepay for the year to get the discount. A list takes time to show results, so you’ll want to have your autoresponders active for at least a year anyway.

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