Auto Pilot Cash Streams Review

I’ve written before about giving away free stuff to build a list.

These days, it isn’t enough to just give away something free, you practically have to join one of the big giveaway events. These things have popped up like weeds lately, usually around some sort of holiday. Auto Pilot Cash Streams is a new one that will open its doors on August 1st. If you’ve ever thought about giving away something to build a list, this is a great opportunity to jump into the beginning of a major giveaway.

Auto Pilot Cash Streams works pretty much the same as the rest of the giveaways. Members sign up to each contributor’s list in order to download their product for free. Products do not have to be original, you can repackage a PLR product if you want. Remember that this is your reputation, so you do want something that’s useful, not just junk. But there are a lot of good PLR products out there, or you can write a short ebook as a way to get people interested in a product you want to sell.

Auto Pilot Cash Streams also sends out regular emails with offers in them to the members, two a week. Some of those members will purchase items through the offer, and if you referred them to the site then you’ll get a commission on the sale.

Build a list, and earn a bit, too.

Okay, so you’re thinking, how do I take advantage of this giveaway?

1) Join Auto Pilot Cash Streams as a contributor. This is free, but of course they’ll offer you an upgrade for a one-time fee. Read about the advantages and use your own judgment on the upgrade (for me, the ability to download all the gifts without opting in to any lists was worth the fee all by itself).

2) Set up an opt-in page to let people sign up to get your free gift.

3) Set up a one-time offer related to your free gift to earn a bit on these opt-ins right away.

4) Put your gift into Auto Pilot Cash Streams

5) Let people know about the site

Simple, right? Yeah, #2 and #3 are a bit tricky. The opt-in page can be done by anyone with a bit of HTML, or if you use a nice autoresponder service they might provide opt-in pages for you. The one-time offer is harder, and generally not something you’ll just throw together, since it involves payment processing. You could put something together with some of the free payment processing services I’ve reviewed recently, but the most convenient way of doing both #2 and #3 is using Rapid Action Profits. This tool not only builds your list and provides for one-time offers and payment processing, it also allows people to become your affiliates in exchange for a commission on the one-time offer.

If you cannot manage setting up a one-time offer, it’s still worth it to join and put an opt-in page together to build a list. Just remember that the list you build will be interested in the gift you are giving. If you provide a gift talking about affiliate marketing, don’t send offers to the list for golf ebooks. Keep your offers targeted, or you’ll lose the list as quickly as you built it.

Oh, and I do plan on trying to put together something to give away for this. Any topics you’re particularly interested in seeing my take on?

P.S. If you’re not interested in joining to give something away, you can still join as a contributor and promote the site to earn from any offers your referrals purchase. It isn’t necessary to actually contribute a gift to earn from referring others. If you go this route, sign up through this page, and then promote it in traffic exchanges. It won’t cost you anything, and might earn you a bit over time.

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  1. [quote comment=””]Good article, but I wonder if I might be better off spending the money on marketing than on product giveaways. [/quote]

    It also depends on your target audience. If that’s people interested in Internet Marketing, a product giveaway like this is an ideal venue. If it’s people interesting in golfing, do more traditional online marketing to reach those folks.

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