August Contest Results

The August “Win Me As A Slave” contest results are in!

You can see the number of entries each contestant had at the scoreboard post. I again used the high-tech method of writing entries on pieces of paper and drawing them out of a bucket. Before I do another contest that will have multiple entries per person, I need to write a computer program to automate that part!

I’m pleased to announce that the winner, as drawn randomly from the bucket, was Lori!

Lori gets me as her own slave for a task that requires up to a few hours (all at once, or spread out). From previous comments Lori’s made, I suspect that will mean setting up WordPress for her, complete with my spam-free settings and favorite plugins.

Congratulations Lori, and contact me via email once you’re ready to collect.

Also, Bohemian Bloggers never responded to emails notifying them they won one of the articles from the July contest (the danger of a Yahoo email address?), so I randomly drew between the two remaining blogs for that category. And the new winner is Tyson, over at Some Make Money.

Tyson, you’ll get a custom written article posted at, linking to two URLs of your choosing.

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