While I don’t do many blog reviews, when Arun emailed me about his contest I wanted to let you all know about it. is a new blog about how to make money online. He’s holding what he calls “the golden egg contest“. The contest is modeled after John Chow’s review contest.

This sort of contest is difficult for a new blog to use, because typically the entrants get only a backlink out of writing a review. And most bloggers don’t value backlinks from low PR sites (regular readers will know I think that’s a mistake, but I won’t rant about that here).

So what Arun has done is to provide a prize that is sure to interest any blogger. Free lifetime web hosting, with unlimited web space and bandwidth. This is worth anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000, depending on how long you intend to live (you will keep blogging right up until the end, right?)

Go over to his contest page at “The Golden Egg Contest” link above for the rules. Now on to the review. is very new, so there aren’t a lot of posts yet. The posts that are there are a fairly typical mix for a blog about making money online. His link building series has covered, so far, directory and article submissions, and he has an post on Adsense basics, along with the usual entries into other contests.

One of the things I liked best was that he asked his readers if he should use Kontera links to monetize his blog or not. I hate those links in content, so anyone who takes the time to find out if his readers want them is showing a lot of respect for his readers.

That’s it for the review. You’ve probably already clicked over to his contest page and are writing your own review right now, so I’m not sure why I’m still typing.

Oh, and since this review counts as an entry in Arun’s contest, if I win the lifetime hosting will become the prize for whatever contest I hold the next month. So if you don’t win his contest, hope for me to win and get a second chance!

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  1. Actually i don’t have enough money to give as prize and Lifetime hosting is refered by one of my friend to use for my blog. Since it comes under my budget i suggested to give away this lifetime hosting as prize. I don’t know how much visitors this will bring to my blog.

  2. AruntheACE:

    Since there was a review done by Jay, I feel that you will get noticed. I have a bad habit of surfing blogs so you can count me in.


    Nice review. I do have a question for though? Do you make money from this blog or do you just do it for fun? I haven’t noticed any real monotization in here and no paid to post in here either. I am just a curious blogger. I know that you do, do a few affiliate links every now and then but, is that all?

  3. [quote post=”273″]Do you make money from this blog or do you just do it for fun?[/quote]

    Just for fun. As you say, I do have affiliate links here and there, but the total of my earnings for the blog is up to about $5 since it started in April. I would do better with ads and no affiliate links.

    I don’t monetize this blog because I see it as a service to new Internet marketers, and I don’t want them to think I’m endorsing any of the ads that would show up if I ran them.

  4. Wow! I didn’t realize this. Thank you, Jay, for running this website in that fashion. I think it should be mentioned somewhere on the page. This shouldn’t be buried in a comment.

    I have been looking at, and comment on this site for almost a month, and didn’t realize that this blog itself wasn’t really monetized. This is very important information about your motivation and credibility, and I think it should be highlighted prominently on the site.

  5. I’d thought that I had mentioned this in the About page, but I don’t see it there. I’ll have to add that in, or have a disclosure page where I talk about the lack of ads.

    Or, I suppose I could always start one of those badge movements and create a little “No Ads Allowed” graphic for people to put on their blog. Actually, that sounds like a nice way to link to my disclosure page. Now if I were any good at designing graphics…

  6. [quote post=”273″]Or, I suppose I could always start one of those badge movements and create a little “No Ads Allowed” graphic for people to put on their blog. [/quote]

    A disclosure badge sounds great. I had often wondered about this. I didn’t know if I should do it or not. I understand the reasoning behind you not doing it.

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