Article Marketing 101, Part 3

So far we’ve seen what article marketing is good for, and why we need a website for article marketing.

Today we’ll look at the process of writing an article, even if you know nothing about the topic.

What if my article isn’t any good?

First, take a deep breath, relax, and repeat after me…”It doesn’t have to be perfect!”

That’s the biggest lesson to learn when writing articles for article marketing. There are no grades given, nobody to impress, nothing to win. Your articles do not have to be perfect, because the majority of the people reading them write English worse than you do. For many English is not their first language, so they’re happy if you present a topic in a reasonable way. Others have English as a first language, but are still reading at the seventh grade level.

Write simply, and to the point, and don’t worry if it’s a masterpiece.

What if I don’t know anything about the topic?

Most people think you need to know something about a topic before writing an article. And that actually is true, you need to know something about the topic before writing the article, but you don’t have to know anything about the topic before you decide to write the article. The time between deciding to write, and actually writing, can be used to research the topic.

Since you’re writing a short article, you don’t want to read through thick, detailed books for research. In fact, the absolute best place to research for article writing is at article directories. Read what other people have said on the topic, look at the differing opinions, come to your own conclusions and then put it all into your own words.

If you can’t knock out a 500 word article after reading a few other articles on the topic, then use resources like Wikipedia to get more information.

I don’t recommend, though, that you promote a product that you have never used. But once you’ve verified the product works as advertised, you can use other people’s experiences with it as research for your own articles. This saves you a bit of time using the product for weeks to build up your own experiences.

I found lots of great information!

Write down all the ideas you get as you do research on a piece of paper. Then put that paper away and write your article on your original topic only. Do not expand the topic!

Yes, you could neatly tie together several different topics under a broad umbrella, and maybe find a way to monetize each of those topics.

As we’ll see in part 4 of this series, we’ll need all the articles we can write to be effective. So keep each focused, and when possible split topics into separate articles.


Write an article that is focused on a single topic that has a single action that will make you money. Your other ideas you came up with during research will become separate articles. Remember that each article can take up a spot in search engine results. Don’t dilute the effect of that by lumping different topics together under the same article.

I’m the worst offender at this, unfortunately. The winner of the comment contest will need to keep me on track!

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