Agloco Viewbar to be Released

I don’t normally jump on popular news and write posts about it, but since this is directly related to previous posts I’ve done, I wanted to mention it.

Agloco has announced that the viewbar will be released Monday, June 4th.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with Agloco, the viewbar is a piece of software that sits on your computer, just above your Windows task bar. The viewbar displays advertisements, allows you to perform Internet searches, and will have some hooks to let you buy products from and other companies.

All of this makes Agloco money, as advertisers pay them to get access to their guaranteed audience. Agloco then shares that ad revenue with their members.

Two things factor into how much of the ad revenue you get. One is the amount of time you spend online with the viewbar active. You can get credit for up to 5 hours a month. The other is the number of referrals you have brought into Agloco. The reasoning being that a larger pool of members means they can charge advertisers more, and so there’s more money to share with members.

You’re basically getting paid for surfing the web, which is something you do anyway (or you wouldn’t be reading this).

If you haven’t already signed up with Agloco, you should do so relatively soon so that you’re ready when the viewbar is released. At this point nobody is sure exactly how much money is involved (except we know John Chow is going to get most of it). But since it’s free money, it’s worth doing.

Some people have asked me, “If I’m only getting credit for 5 hours a month, should I close the viewbar down after 5 hours?” My take on this is that the longer everyone has their viewbars up, the larger the pool of advertising money to be shared. So even though you only get credit for 5 hours in terms of your percentage of the pot, leaving the viewbar up increases the size of the pot.

What do you think? Is signing up for Agloco the thing to do, or is it all a big scam of some sort?

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  1. I agree with you John Chow will probably end up the biggest earner if the viewbar is released and AGLOCO keep to their promise of sharing earnings with members. They are not doing too well in the credibility department.

    With his number of sign up hitting 17k, JC can sit back and see the cash rolling in!

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