AffSphere Review

AffSphere is an article directory that claims you have multiple ways to earn.

It’s basically a site designed to aggressively monetize article traffic. To give authors an incentive to submit content (beyond the normal benefits of article marketing), AffSphere will send some of those commissions your way.

Here’s a quick review of some of the ways they reward authors.

Affiliate Commissions

AffSphere advertises some programs that you can become an affiliate of, and they’ll display your affiliate link on those banners that display on your articles.

Banner Advertising

You can advertise your own banners on their site, using credits that you’ve earned from both writing articles and referring others. Think of this like a big banner exchange, except you’re using credits rather than truly exchanging banner impressions.


The usual benefit of article marketing, you may make some more money from whatever you’re promoting. You can redeem credits for article traffic too, which increases the exposure of your articles.


Your article pages also have your affiliate links to AffSphere, so if someone signs up after reading one of your articles, you get them as a referral.


Supposedly you can earn a percentage of Adsense income, with your publisher id rotated among all the articles on the site in some way. However, I didn’t see in the back office area any spot to place my Adsense publisher id.


You earn a percentage of what your downline makes in Adsense, down 5 levels. If, in fact, anyone can earn via Adsense.

Affiliate Links

You can put affiliate links in your articles.

The idea seems like a good one, but I’m bothered by a couple of points.

First, not seeing a way to provide my Adsense publisher id is troublesome, since they make a big deal out of that being one of the ways you can earn. I may just be missing it, but I was walked through entering other affiliate ids, Adsense should have been included in there.

Second, the AffSphere affiliate link to their home page redirects to a sales page for an article marketing guide. AffSphere itself is free to join, but this makes it seem as if you need to purchase the guide, and does a disservice to everyone who does try to promote the directory.

My recommendation is to click the above link, then edit the address bar to remove the “/reports.php”, and hit Enter. That will take you to the real home page, where you can join for free.

If AffSphere is going to work for you, it will work because you’re creating content for it. As usual, try to direct readers to a site you own in the article. Don’t rely entirely on AffSphere paying you an income, treat anything you earn there as a nice bonus while you’re promoting your other sites.

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