Advisory Panel Member To Speak At National Conference

Connie, one of the most active members at The Advisory Panel, is scheduled to speak online as part of the Invisible Illness Awareness Week. An “invisible” illness is one that isn’t immediately obvious to someone looking at you…chronic pain, for example.

As a reasonably healthy adult geek, I knew intellectually the opportunities that the Internet provided for people who couldn’t work otherwise. But I didn’t really appreciate how much opportunity there was until I started the Advisory Panel and met Connie (she writes Brain Foggles, along with other blogs). I get migraines, and moan and complain when they’re bad, and pretty much am laid up for the duration. But I cannot imagine coping with what Connie copes with every day, and still being cheerful and energetic, and earning her income online to boot.

I applaud the people who are blogging about invisible illness, and the folks at Rest Ministries who are sponsoring this conference.

If you have a chronic condition, or know someone who has, head on over to one of the links above.

2 Replies to “Advisory Panel Member To Speak At National Conference”

  1. Thanks for sharing this info Jay! And thanks for the compliments too. I hope that people will take a look at the website if they can’t listen to the speakers. There’s an important message to this conference – don’t judge people by how they look. It’s an old message but it’s one that needs to be thought of in a new way.

  2. Hi Connie, I hope the event gets all the exposure it deserves. It’s definitely an important message, both for the people who might feel helpless because of a chronic illness, and the people who might only see the illness, and not the person.

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