A Traffic Exchange Advertising Co-op

Advertising co-ops are generally pretty good deals, depending on what they promise and how they’re run.

The basic idea is that you band together with a bunch of other people to get more advertising for your dollar than you could alone. When done well, an advertising co-op is a great way to get a lot of exposure for your advertising dollar.

I ran across a relatively new co-op that’s targeted at traffic exchanges. The MTE Ad Co-op pools the monthly membership fee from all the users and buys traffic exchange credits at a wide variety of exchanges.

If you’ve used traffic exchanges before, you’ve probably taken a look at the cost of buying credits. The more credits you buy at one time, the less you pay for each credit, which is where the co-op gets its value.

Those credits are then run through a rotator, which spreads the hits evenly among all the members of the co-op.

The main benefits of this are:

o) You don’t need to surf the exchanges
o) You get more hits than if you spent your $10 a month buying credits directly
o) You get hits from a variety of exchanges, rather than just one

The co-op seems to send about 100 to 150 hits a day to the website you decide to promote. I haven’t been involved long enough to know how well the traffic converts, but it’s coming from traffic exchanges so should do no worse than whatever exchanges you’re currently using, and will be a better value for your money.

Click here for more info on the co-op.

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  1. Hi Jens, Doctor Traffic’s price point and traffic makes it too rich for me. I can buy the equivalent amount of traffic less expensively. MTE’s co-op is on the other side of the line, though, getting the traffic for less than I could. I haven’t been using it long enough to know how well the traffic converts, though.

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