A Stroll Through Other Blogs

With the semester just starting, I’m keeping pretty busy teaching my classes and getting into the swing of being back at work. But I found some time today to spend with my much neglected RSS reader (currently at about 80+ subscriptions), and thought I’d share some of the posts I ran across that caught my eye.

Over at Interesting Observations is a great post on Creating Content From Everyday Life. I’d been about to write something of the sort, but Pearl beat me to it! Which reminds me of a story…but that’s for another post.

The Kosher Cooking meta-Carnival over at Juggling Frogs is the most amazing compilation of related links I’ve seen in a long time. A warning, though, don’t click through unless you have some food handy, because you’ll come away hungry!

The post about Virtual Real Estate over at Cash For Comments is a nice way of looking at the Internet. When I was trying to get my mind around domaining, the buying and selling of domain names for profit, what finally made it all click for me was the notion that registering a domain name is like creating new real estate.

At a time when I’ve started to take the weekend off, Dosh Dosh has a post on 7 Easy Ways To Get More Weekend Traffic for Your Website. The article is written from the perspective of wanting to avoid the sales dip that comes with low traffic periods.

Enkay Blog has a nice article about Google’s recent change to its webmaster guidelines. For more info, go read Google Says “OK” To Some Link Schemes?.

I’ve been following Yaro Starak’s series on How To Launch A Membership Site with great interest. Yaro knows what he’s talking about, having launched Blog Mastermind, a successful membership site that helps you learn how to make money blogging.

If you use WordPress themes someone else has designed, or plugins, you should take a look at How To Find Hidden Links In Your Site. Court goes through it step by step to show you how to find out exactly what links are in your site, including the ones you may not be aware of.

Self Made Minds regularly has posts about buying websites. The latest talks about how the price for older establish websites is increasing. Read A good website for 10-12 times net income, not anymore for the details.

Shaun Low has a fun post on How To Use Video Games To Promote Your Site. So for anyone who needs an excuse to play video games, start a website and call it a “promotional effort”.

Some Make Money has a post called Noepets, Minimum Wage Blogging, and Making Money Online. It’s a must read for anyone thinking about getting into blogging for money.

Hope you enjoyed this stroll through my feed subscriptions. I’ll probably do this fairly regularly, since it gives me a good excuse to give the subscriptions some attention.

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  1. Thanks for including me in this list, and for the kind words, Jay.

    I think I got a bit carried away with my meta-Carnival list. I started it when trying to make sense of the previous hosts’ carnivals, because I was hosting my first one, and didn’t want to duplicate other hosts’ links.

    I made it to about 4 editions (mine was the 21st), before giving up, and just went ahead and published my edition.

    Once it was published, I resumed obsessively editing the meta-Carnival. In total, it took over 30 very tedious hours.

    So was it worth it? Maybe. Without any ‘social networking sites’ submissions, only purely organic traffic, it has had over 1200 hits in the first day and a half.

    I think it will help all the carnival submitters, too, as it gives them fresh links, with fresh traffic to their older posts.

    Would I do it again? Ugh. Maybe with a better editor-to-blog-submitter system. (I had to go in and reformat each link by hand, after uploading the edited file.)

    What helped me is that I really cared about the topic. We are entering our holiday cooking season, and I wanted a better index of recipes for myself.

    I doubt I could have persevered through all the editing if I didn’t want the result for my own use.

    Thank you again for including me in this list. I’m off now to go take your stroll through all the other links!

  2. [quote post=”341″]So was it worth it? Maybe. Without any ’social networking sites’ submissions, only purely organic traffic, it has had over 1200 hits in the first day and a half.[/quote]

    That’s a very nice reward for the effort you put into it!

    [quote post=”341″]P.S. I’ve been reading you in the feed reader, and hadn’t noticed the new text at the bottom of the post. I like it! It’s very transparent, and comes off as more of an honest disclosure than an upsell![/quote]

    Thanks, that’s what I intended for it, I’m glad that’s the way it reads. I do need to update the feed signature to include the same info, so thanks for the reminder!

  3. This looks like a great collection of blogs that you surfed through. I have been thinking about starting a simular list of interesting blogs myself. I need to do something to get others interested. I haven’t had much time to write since school started and dealing with the lawyers who are working on Gaje’s case. I did start a new page on my blog, I just need to add more stuff to it.

  4. Hi Rosa! It is tough to write when there are other things going on. I’m having the same problem because of the fall semester starting. Keep adding content when you can, and you’ll get back into full swing eventually.

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