A New Contest!

Since it’s been a little while since the end of my last contest, and I just posted about using contests to entice readers to comment, I’ll start a new contest to encourage comments.

The contest will end July 31st. The winner will be whoever is at the top of the Top Commentators list at the end of that day. My usual comment guidelines apply, and I’ll feel free to delete comments such as “Great idea”, or “Nice post”, or “This is my entry”. Remember that comments are supposed to add value to the post.

The prize will be an original article published on Ezine Articles, linking to two of your URLs with anchor text of your choice. The URLs should lend themselves to an article topic so that the links make sense. You can primarily expect to see some SEO benefit from this, although you might see some additional traffic, too.

A second article, under the same terms as the first, will be awarded at random among the people who link to this post about the contest from their own blog. The same person can win both articles.

Note that I have the Top Commentators list setup to count only comments from the last 30 days. So by the end of July, all the current comment counts will have dropped off the list, so anyone could win.

To enter, just leave comments between now and July 31st.

26 Replies to “A New Contest!”

  1. Hey Jay!! I’m Houston right now on vacation and saw that you have another contest going. I thought I would holler and say hi. I think contests are great. It’s a really handy way to get your PR up. I’ve been entering a few for this reason. Of course, you are one of my favorite blogs and I always read all your articles. Good luck with your contest and comments!!

  2. Hey there. I saw this contest and though that I should enter in it. I can comment all day long and you have plenty of post for me to do this on. I enjoy reading your work. I found this blog about a week ago and I have been returning frequently to check and see what all you have to offer me. I then signed up for automatic emails from your blog. This made it easier on me. Thanks for everything.

  3. [quote comment=”459″]I hope the contest goes well for you. I’m surprised not more people have left comments as writing articles is something most people hate, especially me.[/quote]


    I expect more people will be commenting closer to the deadline of July 31st. Maybe they’re waiting to see how many comments are necessary to get to the top.

    I just discovered this site through the ContestBlogger blog, in this morining’s feed. Maybe more people will come after they drink their morning coffee and read their rss feeds…!

  4. Another blog contest…Hmm…I think this is a contest month or something. Just too many contests in one month

    Anyways, nice and easy contest for me to win…I am the Commentator King you know 😉

    I’ll also include a review to your site in my blog in a few days….

  5. [quote post=”241″]Anyways, nice and easy contest for me to win…I am the Commentator King you know[/quote]

    I’ll look forward to the comments! Juggling Frogs has quite a head start so far, so you may have to work hard to catch up.

    [quote post=”241″]I’ll also include a review to your site in my blog in a few days….[/quote]

    I’d appreciate that! Make sure you link to this contest page. So far there’s only one other link to it, so you’d have a great chance of wining the second article.

  6. I’ve also noticed lots of contests on-line of late. I think it has something to do with the many recent articles on the metablogging sites that recommend contests as a strategy for increasing readership, and also the proliferation (and marketing) of new blogs dedicated to announcing new contests. It’s working!

  7. If the comments aren’t throw away comments, 50 in one day is fine. Juggling Frogs has done great at leaving a lot of very substantial comments (and I trust will do more in the future).

  8. Adrenaline is right Juggling Frogs. I have been working on this one for a while and I can’t seem to catch up with you. I want to win but you seem to have more determination than I. I have been reading through the post and have gotten a lot of great tips from this blog. So, if I don’t win, I can just say that it was well worth my time.

  9. Gaje, I’d call it ‘chattiness’ rather than determination!

    I think we both could have written our own articles for the number of words and amount of time put into the comments. We must be getting a lot out of the experience. I know I have been.

    The contest was a great motivation to get involved, though. I bet I’d be lurking without it.

  10. Just FYI, for some reason quite a few legitimate comments are being caught by Akismet as spam and I’m having to manually approve them. So there’ll be a delay after midnight for me to go through my spam folder and activate any comments that might be waiting there, before the top commentators list accurately reflects the comment count at the end of the contest.

  11. Cheesebiscuits!!!! I jumped on here after working on another project and I am still in second running but juggling frogs has pretty much made a huge leap between us. lol.

    I had a lot of issues that I had to work around today. I got those fix and found myself back here.

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