A Guide to Yuwie

I’ve been using Yuwie for about a week and a half now, and have a good feel for how it all works. So this is my “Success with Yuwie” guide.

The basic way to make money on Yuwie is to generate page views. Lots and lots of page views. Here are the three basic ways you get page views:

1) You personally view a page
2) One of your referrals views enough pages (depends on what level they’re on)
3) Another Yuwie member views one of your pages

The most important thing to remember about page views on Yuwie is that the page must be viewed for 3 seconds to count. So moving through pages as fast as you can click isn’t doing anyone any good.

Here are some tips to maximize your page views.

Make Friends

Invite lots of members to be your friends, including everyone in the first three levels of your downline (those are the levels you can see individual members on…the rest of the levels just give you a count).

Give Page Views to Friends

Leave comments on your friends’ profiles, blog entries, and pictures. When you do this, they’ll return the favor and generate some page views for you. Just remember to allow 3 seconds to pass to make sure they’re getting a page view. Try to keep up with your best friends on Yuwie every other day or so. Make sure you hit the rest of them at least once a week.

Even if it’s nothing more than posting “Good morning!” on their profile, that shows you’re working to generate page views for them.

Keep Adding Content

It’s hard to give page views to someone who doesn’t have any blog entries or pictures. So add blog entries and pictures of your own for people to use for comments. Plus, you never know when someone will stumble across your blog entries and decide they like them well enough to invite you to be a friend.

Change Your Privacy Settings

By default, Yuwie makes it so people need to know your last name or email address before they can invite you to be their friend. Change it so that anyone can invite you. This will increase the number of friends, and thus page views, you get.

Participate in Clubs

You can make a lot of new friends in clubs.

Post Videos

You get page views when people view videos you have uploaded. Post a popular enough video, and you could get a lot of page views.

Get Referrals

Ultimately, this is the way to make thousands a month through Yuwie.

How Much Can I Make?

Since Yuwie depends on page views, how much you make depends on how much you put into it. Your own personal efforts can generate a lot of page views. Your referrals’ efforts can generate a lot more page views.

The help in Yuwie suggests a full referral tree can earn as much as $10,000 a month. Full meaning you referred 3 people, and they referred 3 people, all the way down 10 levels.

There are people on Yuwie who have referrals down to 10 levels, those who have been involved in it since the beginning. For everyone else, Yuwie is still new enough that most people haven’t heard about it. Social networking sites are immensely popular these days, so one that pays you for participating is attractive.

If you haven’t see Yuwie yet, click here to take a look.

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  1. A most useful post! Thank you, Jay.
    I took the liberty to translate it into French on my blog. Hope you won’t mind. Maybe I should have asked for permission first ?

  2. Hi Mariet! Thanks for translating the post into French for your blog. I’m glad you thought it would be helpful for your readers.

    Other bloggers might be more touchy about their content, though, so asking first is probably a good idea. For myself, consider yourself having permission in advance for any other posts you feel are worth translating.

  3. I finally got my blog up. I decided to just use it to chat about everything. We will see how it goes. It is a little different from my other blogs that are mostly niche blogs so this should be interesting. I enjoyed your post on your blog.

  4. Hi Andre, Yuwie pays out when you reach $25 in your account. Many members have received payments, so it’s no scam. It might take a while, though, depending on your activity and your referrals’ activity.

  5. I am not a fan of Yuwie, signed up but the site is far too cluttered with loads of ads! It really makes for a poor user experience. And for all the networking you do you earn pennies – like all pyramid schemes it only works if you get in there first.

    There is hope though I have found another alternative http://www.mobzit.com it looks a lot more professional and its not a pyramid scheme it just shares the profits with everyone and its only been launched 1 month so we can all get in there early and make some good money 🙂

    Check out my profile: http://www.mobzit.com/profile.php?user=JD

    Feel free to add me as a friend!

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