A First Look A Yuwie

Yuwie is a new social networking site.

The basic way you interact with others on Yuwie is through clubs. These are discussion boards where you can post messages. They’re intended to be used as a real club would be used, for discussions between members and announcements of club happenings.

You also have a blog inside Yuwie, which is just what you would expect out of a blog. You can post messages for others to read and comment upon.

What distinguishes Yuwie from other social networking sites is that they share ad revenue with the members, based on the number of page views you and your referrals generate in the month. The referral structure goes down 10 levels, so potentially you could have a lot of people generating page views that pay you. The amount of money you make per page view is a fraction of a cent, so you won’t get rich on your efforts alone.

Also, because Yuwie is focused on providing advertising, they have a no advertising policy on the clubs and blogs. You’re not allowed to post your own links to business opportunities. According to their FAQ, if you want to advertise on Yuwie, pay for it like everyone else.

I’m using Yuwie as I would any discussion forum, participating and including a link to this blog below my name as a signature. We’ll see if it generates much traffic, or any money. Since the service is only a month old at this point, it’s still a bit early to tell.

It’s free to join, so check out Yuwie if you’re interested in this sort of thing.

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