$100 Review Contest Results

With a total of 7 entrants to the review contest, I’m grateful for the participation of each person. I appreciated all the constructive suggestions, and am glad that everyone found the information on the blog useful. If I could afford it, I’d give 7 prizes away!

The prize for the best review was to be $100, or $200 if I ended up winning RandLife’s review contest. I haven’t seen any announcement of a winner over at RandLife, so it looks like the prize is $100.

The reviews were all great, and I had to go back over each one carefully to pick a winner. The choice was not easy. There were elements to each review that were unique and worthy of recognition.

Julia, over at Bundah Work At Home wrote a review in English even though she’s not comfortable with it, and ended up with a great review, plus a suggestion that I put a Technorati button on the blog (which has been added at the bottom of the post pages).

Cman, at Cman’s Money Page caught a cosmetic problem in my blog theme under IE 7, and also wrote a great review. I haven’t tracked down the IE 7 problem yet, but will manage to squash it eventually.

Lori, at B Money Savvy suggests a splash of color added to the blog would help, and goes on with a great review.

Beth, at Confessions of an Online Marketer takes me to task for a laborious about page, but then goes on to say she learned something from my Directory Maximizer review. That’s the sort of comment that keeps me blogging, when I hear that people have gotten value from the posts.

BetShopBoy, at I Thought, Therefore I Blog, writes a great review highlighting my willingness to spend money on behalf of my readers.

Tyson, at Some Make Money, suggests a new logo for the blog, and covers the blog’s presentation, categories, and content. His suggestion about cutting down the number of categories is a good one, and something I have in the works.

Enkay, at Enkay Blog, admits that he wants to win the contest to pay for blog hosting, but also has a great review, linking to specific posts he found useful.

The judging was entirely subjective, based on which review I liked the best. If I do a contest like this again, I’ll put some objective judging criteria in, because I liked all the reviews! Since I had to pick one, I went with Tyson’s review, which stood out just a shade over the rest because of his new logo suggestion.

Congratulations, Tyson! Let me know through email how you’d like your winnings transmitted.

I also wanted to recognize Enkay, who not only was the first to enter the contest with a review, but also used another post in his blog to later promote the contest to give me some more exposure. This despite the fact he was hoping to get some web hosting dollars out of the contest!

I didn’t have an official second place prize, but since this is my blog I guess I can change the rules at the last minute to add a second place prize of $50 toward Enkay’s web hosting fees for the next year, for effort above and beyond his best interests. Anyone reading this who wants to contribute to the cause should go to Enkay Blog and buy him a cup of coffee.

Let me know through email how you’d like the second place prize sent, Enkay.

Thanks again to all the contestants!

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  1. I couldnt be more grateful to you Jay! and I have a little surprise which I will let out of the bag later tonight! I have sent you an email. Thank you once again for the opportunity and the prize!

  2. Jay –

    Thanks for putting on the contest. I enjoyed writing the review and I am happy that I am getting to know some fellow bloggers like you and other through your blog.

    I will be traveling the first part of next month, but plan on hosting my own contest later in July.

    Thanks again,

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