$100 Review Contest Entrant #7

Julia, over at Bunda Work At Home is the latest entrant in the review contest.

Most of Julia’s posts are in Indonesian, since that’s her target audience. Since I don’t read Indonesian, and automatic translators usually produce results that are more funny than accurate, I’ll focus on the English parts of her blog.

Julia’s a fellow Marketing Pond member, which regular readers will remember as a collection of free money programs. Another opportunity Julia covers is photo sharing revenue. You can put your pictures online and make some money doing it. Check that link out for some of Julia’s photos. The landscapes are beautiful!

Julia’s blog is monetized nicely, a couple of banners and an unobtrusive set of Adsense text links. You don’t get the feeling that the purpose of her blog is to make money, but rather to help her audience, a motivation I can certainly appreciate.

If you’re reading this and haven’t entered the review contest, you can see the rules here. You have until the end of June 16th to enter, approximately 8 hours from now.

6 Replies to “$100 Review Contest Entrant #7”

  1. [quote post=”219″]Since I don’t read Indonesian,[/quote]
    Aha … still you come with nice review of my blog within just few hours after my post. Very efficient !
    Thank you … Merci beaucoup … terima kasih.

    For non Indonesian readers, I have another English posting you may interested: viral tags connection

    Next, I’ll have many photos of daily life and french culture plus nice place in France and its story.

    More success to jay and this site as well as all the readers !

  2. [quote post=”219″]I think the second post on my blog did help because that was a great review by Julia![/quote]

    Thanks Enkay. I’ll visit your blog to see your second post.
    Congrats for the 2nd prize you got ! To your success

  3. [quote post=”219″]My family and I are happy to welcome you and your family when you visit France.[/quote]

    Thank you! When my daughter is old enough for the trip, well be sure to look you up.

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