$100 Review Contest Entrant #5

Lori, of B Money Savvy, is the latest entrant in the $100 review Online Opportunity contest.

B Money Savvy is a blog about how to make money at home. The blog itself is monetized fairly heavily, from Adsense to affiliate programs to BidVertiser to the now ubiquitous Buy Me A Beer plugin. You can read more about how the blog is monetized in this post.

Topics covered include whether Adsense is right for your site or not, how Lori’s done with the My Credit Card Cash opportunity, and a link to a free SEO book.

Regular readers will recall that Lori’s the one who pointed me to the My Credit Card Cash opportunity in the first place, so is responsible for my reviewing it. If you’re interested in other opportunities like that, check out Lori’s blog.

We still have until June 16th for entries to the review contest, so if you’re interested in entering the $100 Review Online Opportunity contest, see the original post for the rules.

4 Replies to “$100 Review Contest Entrant #5”

  1. Nice review Jay…I’m taking my monetization might be too much;)..lol. And I stay up late to have my own time from my 9mth. old. Guess we have quite a bit in common. Thanks again for the review. Lori

  2. Lori, monetization is far from a science. I’ve seen a few people report lately that they’ve gotten good results from fewer ads on a page. Not sure if that’s because more ads induce ad blindness, or what. Experiment and see what happens, and let us know the results.

  3. Jay, I like that you actually do a small review of the contest entrants yourself as a way to thank them. I have seen that you only got 5 reviews after splurging a 100 dollars so although this might be a stupid tactic on my part, I am going to do a new post about the contest so maybe some of my new readers can take advantage because i feel this website deserves more! And aside from that, the contest ends in a few days!

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