$100 Review Contest Entrant #4

The fourth entrant in the review contest is Beth, over at Beths Ventures. Her blog is about free or low-cost money making online ventures.

Beth’s another Apsense member, and that’s how she heard about the contest. Beth seems to be a big believer in social networking, coming out of Adland Pro.

Beth only has a few categories in her blog, but the biggest one is Join Free::Advertise Free. Free advertising is a great thing, so anyone looking for more links to sites should check out Beth’s blog.

We still have until June 16th for entries to the review contest, so if you’re interested in entering the $100 Review Online Opportunity contest, see the original post for the rules.

3 Replies to “$100 Review Contest Entrant #4”

  1. [quote comment=””][quote comment=””][quote comment=”184″]Thanks Jay

    Very nice write up and much appreciated

    [quote comment=””]Beth, you’re welcome![/quote][/quote][/quote]

    All I can say is how the heck did I get here. I am behind time. Is tHAT why I learned perfect past present tense in my English 60 course. What the hek, if I really know nothing about enet marketing I would be reading a bunch of stuff that would look like a ball a twisted yarn even a cat would not touch. Good luck hope someone got a 100 bucks and put it in an investment so it is live when this post is. I keep going back to the name of this blogg to see if it is relvent. ( now I know why I keep hearing that word and why I here contant and how it relates to what we used to call contents. As in what does it contain. And why the heck I rarelly see a table of contants. It is trully a strang world. Out here.

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