October earnings for Yuwie are available.

My September earnings at Yuwie were $2.15. October earnings are $3.11. The amount of the increase was far lower than the August to September increase (from $0.66 to $2.15).

This is due to a drastic drop in the amount made per page view, from $0.46 to $0.35. Personally, I blame the addition of annoying pop-ups and interstitial ads. The Yuwie admins have apparently not learned from the lessons of other online sites that use advertising, that tastefully done advertising is far more effective than in-your-face ads.

My overall page views went from 77,705 in September to 126,301 in October. Here’s the chart for October:

Yuwie October Earnings

With any luck, the admins will wake up and realize that pushing more and more ads out to the members isn’t going to increase value to the advertisers, and go back to a quality feeling site, rather than the spammy sort of feel you get on Yuwie these days.

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