When I talked about picking a blogging niche, one of the tips was to write an article a day about your niche before you even started your blog. This was to make sure you were interested enough in the topic to sustain daily articles.

Fast forward, your blog is now three or four months old. You have some readers, and if you’ve been keeping to a daily posting schedule you have over a hundred posts in your blog.

Is it still fun? Are you still excited about writing that daily post?

It’s easy to get burned out on the routine, especially after the initial glow has faded. Not only writing the posts, but networking on other blogs to keep yourself a part of the community. Here are some tips that have worked for me for keeping everything exciting and interesting in the long-term.

Join MyBlogLog.com

It’s a small thing, but having that widget in your sidebar that shows the MyBlogLog members who recently visited your blog is a great motivator. I like seeing the avatars people have chosen, and love it when a new one shows up. I immediately go out to their blog to take a look, and I leave a message in their MyBlogLog area thanking them for visiting.

While I use MyBlogLog.com, any social website that has a recent visitors widget would work.

Hold Contests

Contests help to break the routine for blog owners, and provide a great excuse to interact with readers in a different way than just writing posts. This latest comment contest has been great for all of that.

Remember Why You’re Blogging

Hopefully you have a reason why you’re blogging. When you start to feel your motivation dwindling, remember why you started blogging in the first place. For me, it was to help newcomers to Internet marketing avoid the typical traps and scams by providing honest reviews. While I’ve branched out into more than just reviews, it’s still the idea that the posts help people that keeps me motivated.

Keep a To Do List

This might sound odd, but I come up with ideas for posts all the time when I’m driving, when I’m in the shower, pretty much anytime I’m away from the computer. Then sometimes I sit down at the computer to write a post, and my mind is blank. So out comes the scrap of paper I’ve written the ideas on, and they go into an unpublished page in my blog that contains all my to do list ideas.

Any time I’m stuck for a post idea, I pull up that to do list page and write about one of the items on the list. The size of the list grows and shrinks, but there are always a good eight to ten items on the list.

Get Away from the Computer

I tend to spend late nights writing posts for the blog, and tweaking this and that. There comes a time when I’m much better off just going to bed and not trying to get that last bit done. When I stay beyond that point, I find myself staring at the screen for minutes at a time.

It’s far better to leave the computer and get some sleep, or relax, or have fun. Then come back to your blog re-energized.

Those are some of the things that work for me. How do you avoid blogging burnout?

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