One of the ways you can get some traffic to your site is with Yahoo Answers.

If you haven’t seen the site before, it’s a place where people post questions, and other people post answers. The person who posted the question can pick the best answer, or if they don’t do it then others can vote on the best answer. There are questions there on pretty much any topic imaginable, from SEO to getting paid to read surveys to making doll houses, to the issue of world peace.

The best part about Yahoo Answers is that a lot of web traffic flows through the site, both from members and search engines. This can mean more visitors to your site. And all the traffic is pretty well qualified, since you’re answering related questions.

Plus, you get to brand yourself as an expert, as the number of questions for which your answer is picked as best increases.

So how do you use Yahoo Answers best? Here’s my list of tips.

Don’t Spam

Answer only questions for which a page on your site is extremely relevant. There’s nothing worse than a totally irrelevant answer that’s an obvious advertisement. Plus, answering relevant questions ensures your traffic is qualified.

Be Informative and Honest

Provide a good amount of information in the answer itself, and then link out to a page of yours that provides more information. An answer is not the place for hype. Hype gets you unqualified traffic, honesty gets you qualified traffic.

Be One Of The First To Answer

The original poster doesn’t have to wait until the question expires to pick a best answer. If you’re one of the first, and give a good enough answer, they might pick yours early. At the very least, everyone else who comes to answer the question after you will see your answer and perhaps visit your site.

Vote For Yourself

If the original poster doesn’t pick a best answer, then the answers go into community voting. Sometimes nobody votes. So vote for your own answer! You’ll need to wait for the question to be placed in voting status, but at that point your single vote might be enough to pick your answer as the best one. Being the best answer means that it’s the only answer that appears in the archive pages.

Keep Answering

You get the best results when your answers are fresh. You will get some residual traffic from archived answers when yours was the best answer, but you get more from answers to questions that have not been resolved yet.

Search for Open Questions

If you click on Advanced next to the search box, you can specify that you only want to search for open questions. This allows you to find questions on suitable topics to answer.

Over the past few months I’ve received about 150 visitors from Yahoo Answers. 40 of those signed up to Inbox Dollars, and one purchased the most excellent SEO Book. This is an excellent example of how qualified visitors do more for your site than bulk traffic.

So go over to Yahoo Answers and help out a few people today, and get some extra traffic to your site.

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