There’s a lot said about various SEO factors, but one that doesn’t get a lot of attention is the importance of updating your site on a consistent schedule.

More often is best, of course, but if you can only update the site once a week, then make sure you do update it each week at about the same time. Don’t publish a flurry of updates one week, then nothing for a couple of weeks.

The reason is that one of the factors Google uses to rank your site in search engine results is the consistency of site updates. Imagine that you’re Google, trying to figure out which web site to put in the number #1 slot for a particular keyword. All other things being mostly equal, would you go with a site that was updated inconsistently, or one that had regular updates? Google goes with the regular updates because, to them, that reflects a more reliable site.

Note that having no updates might be perfectly fine for your site. My neglected niche sites are ones that are not updated at all, and continue to get a trickle of traffic. You won’t get #1 in Google, but you might get onto page 2 if your other SEO factors are good.

Inconsistent updates really hurt, though. I have another niche site that I’ve had trouble finding time to update. It was on the road to being high on the first page of Google for its keywords, but the inconsistent updating has killed its rankings. I’m not sure how long it will take me to reestablish its credibility (assuming I can find the time to update it!)

My recommendation for new blogs starting out is to pick specific days of the week to publish new posts, and then to stick with those days. If you write more one week than usual, schedule the posts ahead. That will help if you come up short another week. And make sure that you pick a posting schedule you can live with long-term. There’s no sense posting 20 times your first week and then going to once a week after that.

Remember that creating a niche content site should be seen as a long-term investment. Don’t burn yourself out before you see the rewards!

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