I’m playing around with more attention catching post titles, can you tell?

The Prize

It’s true, though, in the August contest you can win my exclusive services for a few hours to do whatever you would like (provided it’s legal and ethical, or at least fun). Unless you live in Ohio, I probably won’t be willing to mow your lawn or take you to a movie, but pretty much anything else goes.

Here are some of the tasks I could do:

  • Setup a WordPress blog plus plugins on your host
  • Solve a technical problem that’s been bugging you about your blog
  • Make so many comments on your blog it’ll look like Carolyn and Rosa stopped by for a visit
  • Write an article and submit it to Ezine Articles for you
  • Write a short story that you can claim as your own
  • Create a Squidoo page for you under your account
  • Write a guest post or two on your blog

Or anything else you can think of. The sky really is the limit here, assuming the task can be done in a few hours and I have the skills to do it.

The Contest

The contest itself involves promoting this blog in various ways. You get one entry for each time you perform one of the following tasks. The winner is chosen randomly from all the entries at the end of the contest.

  • Promote the contest in a post on your own blog, linking to Online Opportunity and this post.
  • Link to one of my blog posts in one of your blog posts as a relevant example of the topic you’re discussing (even if it’s just, “This is not the way to do it”)
  • Fame me using the widget below
  • Fame the blog using the widget below
  • Mark the blog as a favorite at Technorati using the widget below
  • Whatever else you might think of that I’ve missed that can be tracked

Links from your blog will come in as trackbacks. If a link doesn’t show up as a trackback, email me with the link to your post so I can verify the entry. In fact, if you’re in doubt that I might have caught something you’ve done, email me to let me know.

The Fame widgets require that you be registered on Blogging to Fame. People who currently have the blog marked as a favorite at Technorati are automatically entered into the contest.

The purpose of all this, of course, is to help expose the blog to people who haven’t found it yet (so they can enter the September contest!)

There might be a special prize for the most creative way to promote the blog.

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