I wanted to thank Tyson and Enkay for being early supporters of the blog.

Tyson, over at Some Make Money, was kind enough to put a link to Online Opportunity in his feed signature for a month or so, as thanks for my referring him to the plugin. I appreciate the gesture!

Enkay, over at Enkay Blog gave me a sitewide link as a Proud Sponsor. That’s pretty generous, considering he’s the one who did the work of promoting my first contest! Thanks!

I’m not sure how they each found the blog, but I’m glad they did. While I don’t get to my RSS reader often enough to comment on their blogs these days (fall semester is arriving quickly!), I do appreciate their early support. That can make or break a starting blog.

So if you have the time today, find a blog that doesn’t have any comments on it at all, and leave a few. You’ll probably make someone’s day and keep them blogging for months to come.

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