Stealth Money Maker is a site that offers a free report on how to “…earn over $100,000 per year from home”.

My first impression of the site is that it’s production values are higher than similar sites. Someone spent some money hiring a graphic designer to make it all look professional.

The free report is provided as promised, in exchange for your name and email. The report itself is equally well put together, and looks very professional. It gives, in my opinion, not enough detail to really help someone who is completely new to Internet Marketing. But the information is sound, especially if you’re willing to tackle the “trial and error” method of learning which is what we all end up doing anyway.

The money maker for the site owner comes in the back end offer. After you’ve signed up for the free report, you’re given a chance to purchase a huge collection of software and ebooks for $50. The collection is impressive for the software included alone, and is worth the $50 to get it all in one place.

The site owner, however, doesn’t make any money from the $50 you pay for the collection. No, 100% of that goes to whoever referred you to the site (me, for example, if you click the links in this post).

What you’re also offered, as an add on to the collection, is the opportunity to refer people to the website. You pay an additional $27.75 (or something like that) for the right to get 100% of what other people spend on the collection.

So the site owner makes $27.75 per affiliate who joins. That isn’t too bad, since his entire setup is automatic, requiring no action on his part. He does process email questions about the collection, so he’s earning his money.

It’s worth it to sign up for the free report, and then clicking to get your affiliate site (you won’t be asked to pay yet), just to see the way the owner lays out all the terms and conditions. He leaves nothing to chance, and answers every question you might have about the collection and the affiliate site.

The entire site screams “professional”, and that’s really what a prospective Internet Marketer should get out of it. Study the copy…it may not be the best sales copy in the world, as the owner claims, but it is good. And the site itself is up front and transparent about how everything is going to work. And the high production values continue throughout, making it all pleasant to navigate and work with.

By the time you pay your money, you know exactly what will happen, and there are no surprises. If only every product site were like that!

Note that while the free ebook was short on details, if you purchase the affiliate site, you get access to a ton of training material the owner has written, covering topics like traffic exchanges, link cloaking, classified ads, PPC, and more. He includes advertising copy, banners, etc. Basically everything you need to market the site to others.

Click here for the site.

P.S. If you purchase the collection and use Firefox, get the Download Them All plugin. Start it going when you go to bed, and by morning the entire collection will be on your hard drive.

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