Squidoo has just released its latest earnings update.

My earnings for the month of September were $15.46.

Some highlights: Computer Game Making For Kids earned $4.67, up from $4.12. Roleplaying With Kids also earned $4.67, up from $4.12. My personal lens, Who Is Jay Shaffstall? earned $.79, up from $.04.

Out of the new lenses that I wrote in my ten day spree, What Is Yuwie? earned $4.67 on its first month. Most of the others were in the $.06 range.

Traffic still seems to be the major factor in the income of a lens. The average lens rank of all my lenses has dropped quite a bit in the past two months, but traffic has held steady after recovering from Google’s slapping Squidoo for spam lenses.

Squidoo still doesn’t replace blogging, but If you have a topic you want to put up a quick single page about, create a Squidoo lens.

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