SFI has been around just about forever, in network marketing terms.

Despite this, I thought a review would be appropriate, since some of my readers are new to the idea of network marketing and Internet marketing. SFI is a good example of a program that has longevity and can be counted on for the long-term.

SFI has a variety of ways for you to make money. Of course, like all network marketing programs, you want to build a downline so you can make money from their efforts as well as your own. Since membership is totally free, getting referrals into SFI isn’t as difficult as getting them into programs that charge monthly fees just to be a member.

If everyone who joined SFI simply got referrals and didn’t actually sell anything, though, there’d be no money made. They provide a number of ways for you to bring money into the program by selling to others.

For example, there’s Nice Offers. The Nice Offers website isn’t particularly inviting, but the concept is simple. Visitors make purchases through the Nice Offers website and get a discount off of what they were already going to spend. You get a commission, and everybody is happy.

You can even create a link for a non-profit organization for fund raising purposes. The NPO refers people to this link, and when people buy from Nice Offers, the NPO gets a commission. You get a small piece of that commission for basically no work at all.

There are also a variety of retail product websites, including ones for natural cleaning products, pet care, and more. You could drive traffic to these in whatever way you wanted to earn commissions on any products sold.

SFI also has a weekly set of training lessons covering a full year. You can go through them faster if you want. The training lessons are relatively short, but cover a lot of ground. For someone new to Internet marketing, they’re a great and completely free introduction to a wide variety of topics.

Another nice thing about SFI is that they specifically support and encourage affiliates who are not living in the United States. They have landing pages tailored to specific countries, which is a level of support you don’t see at most programs.

If you don’t think you can get referrals into SFI, they do have a monthly ad coop. You pay $45 for the month, and get an equal portion of the signups generated by the coop advertising.

As a basic affiliate, you earn 30% commissions on sales made through your websites. As an Executive Affiliate, you earn 60% commissions. Executive Affiliate status is earned each month by referring a single sale through one of the product websites. This is a simple qualification to encourage affiliates to bring some money into the system each month. You can purchase an item through your own affiliate link to qualify.

As an Executive Affiliate you also earn a commission from the company powerline. If you missed my recent post on powerlines, this means that you earn a commission from everyone who joins SFI after you become an Executive Affiliate, even if you didn’t refer them. Like most powerline plans, this one is vague on exactly how much commission you earn. But since the qualification for it is easy, it’s a nice addition to your income from SFI.

I would classify SFI as an excellent starter opportunity for someone new to network marketing and Internet marketing. It’s free to join, and qualifying for Executive Affiliate status is easy enough, especially since there’s probably something at Nice Offers that you would be buying that month anyway.

Building a bit of income through SFI can help to build the confidence of a beginner so that they can branch out into other opportunities.

You can join SFI for free here.

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