The traffic from my Revisitors case study is coming to a close on the Marketing Pond splash pages, and is about half over for this blog.

The Marketing Pond results have remained about the same since the last update. There are only about 400 out of 2,500 visitors left to arrive, and the click through rate has stuck at about 1%. To make money from this, you need to carefully compare the cost of the campaign with the benefits received.

In my case, I opted for the $20 for 2,500 visitors package. At a 1% click through rate, that gives me 25 people clicking through, or about $1.25 per person. Can you make more than $1.25 off a single person who takes an action such as clicking?

The blog traffic results have also remained the same. My original metric for success, the number of feed subscribers, has stayed the same (after adjusting for a jump due to being on the start of a couple of link trains). My modified metric for success, the amount of time people spend on the site, has remained at about 5 minutes, with some day to day fluctuation.

The majority of people are only seeing a single page, but about 15% look at two pages. Half that many look at three pages, half that many look at four pages, and so on.

Bounce rate is also about the same, with day to day fluctuations.

The traffic from Revisitors has been the majority of the traffic coming to the blog on any given day, and has not skewed the blog’s statistics toward high bounce rate or low time on site.

So I’d say that the data continues to support the idea that these are real people who are actually reading some portion of the site.

What’s the best use of this traffic?

Sending traffic to an Adsense monetized site might work well. The conversion rate for clicking on ads would no doubt be better than that for signing up for a program or mailing list. A close reading of the Adsense terms of service would be in order here, since I know they dislike having Adsense ads on pages used by traffic exchanges and popunder windows.

Anyone else have any results to share with Revisitors traffic?

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